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New Shellfish Toxicity Test Could Save Thousands of Mice

A newly approved shellfish toxicity test is quickly becoming music to the ears of fishery laboratory personnel, as well as the tens of thousands of mice whose lives the new test aims to save each year. The new test  has been designed to replace the current industry-standard mouse bioassay toxicity test, which involves blending up… Continue Reading

Utah Argues Plaintiffs Have No Standing to Challenge State’s New ‘Ag-Gag’ Law

Attorneys for Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert and Attorney General John Swallow argue that the federal lawsuit that’s been filed against the state’s new “ag-gag” law is not ready for prime time and should be dismissed. They say the plaintiffs lack standing, including Amy Meyer, the Salt Lake County animal activist who was the first… Continue Reading

‘Ag-gag’ Battle Moves On to North Carolina

After winning a bill-killing veto in Tennessee, the Humane Society of the United States  is taking to the airwaves in North Carolina, the latest venue for “ag-gag” wars. North Carolina’s “ag-gag” bill, Senate Bill 648, is not even eligible for any further consideration on its own this session, but its contents could end up in… Continue Reading

Deadline Extended for Lab-Grown Chicken Competition

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) would prefer we all adopt the vegan lifestyle, but knowing a lot of us cannot kick our “meat addictions,” the organization decided to put up a reward to encourage laboratory-grown chicken. In theory, in vitro meat would be pathogen-free, eliminating food safety risk in beef, pork or… Continue Reading