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GAO says FDA needs to work on ‘prioritizing and sequencing’

The Food and Drug Administration has been getting at least $1 billion annually in recent years, including salaries for at least 4,300 full-time professionals, for food safety and nutrition. Since the enactment of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in January 2011, FDA has published 33 proposed or final key recommendations, and 111 draft or… Continue Reading

Juicing is healthy, but easily contaminated by pathogens

So many fruits. So many veggies. So little time. That’s the dilemma that people who want to eat as healthy as possible face. After all, who really has the time to eat the recommended 5 to 9 servings of fruits or vegetables — 2 1/2 cups of veggies and two cups of fruit — each… Continue Reading

Survey: Public Wants Food Producers to Focus on Safety and Nutrition

The hot topic of food may be depicted just a little bit out of focus these days, according to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Just out with a new survey of public attitudes on food and the risks and benefits of leveraging scientific techniques in food production, the 93-year-old forum for the Windy City’s leadership and… Continue Reading

Families in WIC Nutrition Program to Get More Fresh Fruits, Veggies

Families enrolled in the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutrition program will be able to get more fresh fruits and vegetables beginning next month, thanks to changes in the program’s “food packages,” which are outlined in a recently published USDA final rule. Under the revisions, the cash value of the fruit and vegetable vouchers for… Continue Reading

Study Examines Relationship Between Raw Milk and Lactose Intolerance

Despite claims sometimes made about the health benefits of drinking raw milk, evidence does not suggest that drinking raw milk will relieve or lessen the symptoms of lactose intolerance, according to a study conducted by nutritionists at Stanford University and published this week in Annals of Family Medicine. But, according to the dairy owner who… Continue Reading

Shoppers Can Pick Up Food Safety Clues at Farmers Markets

This is National Farmers Market Week, and with a bounty of  freshly harvested food now available from local farms, people are flocking to the markets — for all sorts of reasons. “There’s nothing better than interacting with the people that nourish your body,” said one of the people responding to the American Farmland Trust’s request… Continue Reading

Nutrition Standards Won’t Fix Big Food’s Worst Child Marketing Tactics


Last month, I participated in an important panel at a childhood obesity conference to discuss the current strategy backed by some advocacy groups: asking industry to market “healthier” foods to children. But as Susan Linn and I recently argued, any marketing to children is harmful, regardless of the product’s nutritional content. Instead of begging corporations to… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: An Obesity Gut Check


One of my favorite iPod apps is for Stitcher, which collects podcasts that I might be interested in listening to.  I must admit I favor either old time radio drama or history programing.  There’s nothing better to fall asleep to than the adventures of Captain Midnight or Fort Laramie. Stitcher’s “favorite playlist,” however, generates podcasts… Continue Reading