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Norway eyes imported food, travel in rare Salmonella outbreak

Country hasn't seen a Salmonella outbreak since 2013; officials struggle to find current source

Norway, where Salmonella bacteria is rare in domestic livestock and locally-produced food, is experiencing its first outbreak of salmonellosis since 2013. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) has not been able to identify the source of the Salmonella that has recently infected at least seven people. All seven report eating at the Joe & The Juice restaurant at… Continue Reading

Frozen turkey pet food distributed in Norway and UK recalled

Pet owners in Norway and the United Kingdom are being warned about salmonella in the recall of Natures Menu product Country Hunter 80% Farm Reared Turkey with Wholesome Fruit and Veg (frozen pet food). Nature’s Menu says the recalls involves the 1 Kg. package size with a batch code of 13122017 and a “use by”… Continue Reading

Norway Detects Country’s First Case of ‘Mad Cow Disease’

Officials in Norway have announced that nation’s first-ever case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), the neurological disease in cattle more commonly known as “mad cow disease,” according to Reuters. The disease was found in a 15-year-old cow that had been slaughtered for food, but no portion of the cow reached the consumer food system. The… Continue Reading

Rare Salmonella Strain Sickens 18 in Norway

At least 18 people across Norway have fallen ill with a rare strain of Salmonella, according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. The strain, Salmonella Coeln, infected three children and 15 adults. Each year for the past 10 years, Norway has seen zero to three cases of illness from this particular strain. Norwegian health… Continue Reading

Hepatitis A Frozen Berry Outbreak Sickens More in Europe

At least 71 people in Europe have been sickened with Hepatitis A in an outbreak believed to be linked to frozen berries served in smoothies, according to the latest report from Eurosurveillance. That’s an increase of 15 cases since Food Safety News first reported on the outbreak April 17. There are at least 35 people… Continue Reading

Hepatitis A Outbreak in Nordic Countries Linked to Frozen Berries

A hepatitis A outbreak linked to frozen berries has sickened as many as 56 people in 4 of Europe’s Nordic countries, according to health officials. The European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday that 16 hepatitis A infections arising from the same strain of the virus have been reported in Denmark, Finland, Norway… Continue Reading

Another Clue to E. Coli O104:H4?

Scientists in Oslo say sequencing of a particular virulent strain of E. coli O103:H25, which caused an outbreak in Norway in 2006, revealed a resemblance to the 2011 German outbreak strain of E. coli O104:H4, and suggests the two strains are related. Writing in the online journal PLoS ONE, the researchers with the Department of… Continue Reading