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Vomit machine reaffirms need for deep clean after noro ‘event’

The change of seasons can bring a chance of snow for some and a chance of viruses for even more. Sharing time, meals and close spaces from Thanksgiving weekend through New Year’s Day all too often means sharing bugs, which don’t discriminate. Although they’re the last living creatures on any invitation list, when pathogens make surprise appearances it’s important to know how to handle cleanup,… Continue Reading

NoroCORE doubles down on nearly perfect human pathogen


Originally posted by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) on the USDA’s website, this column was written by Lee-Ann Jaykus, NoroCORE scientific director, and Elizabeth Bradshaw, NoroCORE extension associate. NIFA invests in and advances agricultural research, education and extension and seeks to make transformative discoveries that solve societal challenges. Even if you have… Continue Reading

Better hand washing is possible and necessary

One of the best tools to prevent foodborne illnesses — effective hand washing — is frequently rendered ineffective because of poor execution. New methods of monitoring and improving employees’ hand washing are available, however, and are on the agenda for the Norovirus Summit III Workshop at the Nevada Food Safety Task Force conference later this… Continue Reading

When a Norovirus Expert Got Norovirus

(This article by Liz Bradshaw, a postdoctoral research scholar in NoroCORE, the Norovirus Collaborative for Outreach, Research, and Education, based at NC State, is the fourth in a series leading up to April 7, when the World Health Organization will celebrate World Health Day, which is focused this year on food safety. The first article in the series can… Continue Reading