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New Jersey

Raw milk advocates make the most of anti-reg mood in U.S.

England shuts down raw milk producer in midst of outbreak that has sickened 56 people


The bipartisan National Conference of State Legislature (NLCS) says No. 3 on its Top 10 climate-setting trends for 2017 is “Regulations on Review.”   “Rules and regulations at all levels of government are on the hot seat,” says the Denver-based NLCS. “State legislators will be busy in several policy areas deciding what needs to be regulated… Continue Reading

New Jersey standoff on homemade food sales continues


A New Jersey state senator is standing firm on his opposition to legalizing direct-to-consumer sales of certain foods not produced in commercial kitchens, citing food safety and fair competition concerns. Only the Garden State and Wisconsin have 100 percent bans on “homemade” food sales, often referred to as the cottage food industry by proponents. New… Continue Reading

About 30 Sickened With Campylobacter at NJ Boarding School


About 30 people were recently sickened by Campylobacter at Blair Academy, reports the New Jersey Herald. The school is a private boarding and day school for high school students located in Blairstown, NJ. “In mid-November, our health center saw an increased incidence of gastrointestinal-related illness and we alerted all parents by email on November 20… Continue Reading

New Jersey Township Agrees to Hike Fines on Problem Restaurants


On Tuesday, the Hamilton (New Jersey) Township Council unanimously passed a food safety ordinance that will hike fines on local restaurants that repeatedly fail health and safety inspections. Ordinance 15-025 increases the current $250 fine to $350 for restaurants that fail food safety inspections three times in a two-year period and stipulates a $500 fine for… Continue Reading

New Jersey Township Tries Again for Fines on Food Safety Violators


After dealing with an outbreak of Hepatitis A late last year, Hamilton Township, NJ, has introduced new food safety laws to fine restaurants for health violations and require that establishments prominently display food license and food inspection reports. If passed by the Hamilton Township Council, Ordinance 15-025 would require restaurants to pay $350 for a… Continue Reading

Two New Jersey Restaurant Workers Recently Test Positive for Hepatitis A


According to the Camden County Health Department in New Jersey, a server at the Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in Voorhees, NJ, recently tested positive for the Hepatitis A virus. The health department has reportedly vaccinated the rest of the employees to protect them and keep the virus from spreading. The restaurant issued a statement saying that the health… Continue Reading

New Jersey Township Won’t Get Tougher on Restaurants After Hepatitis A Scare


When a food service employee with Hepatitis A was found working at Rosa’s Restaurant and Catering in Hamilton, NJ, late last year, the incident quickly turned into a headache. The sprawling New Jersey township, which spans 40 square miles, had to set up a clinic at its Colonial Volunteer Fire Company and run a public education… Continue Reading

Update: Reported Second NJ Hepatitis A Case Ruled Out


The New Jersey Department of Health late Thursday ruled out a possible second case of Hepatitis A that had reportedly been identified since the initial case of a food service worker from Rosa’s Restaurant and Catering in Hamilton Township. According to Mayor Kelly Yaede and the Hamilton Township Division of Health, a series of tests conducted… Continue Reading

Officials Investigating NJ Restaurant After Several Illnesses Reported

Nassau_Inn (1)

Health officials in Princeton, NJ, were investigating food-handling practices at a local hotel restaurant after several people reportedly became ill after a Thanksgiving buffet there. Health Officer Jeffrey Grosser of the Princeton Health Department said while at least 12 people in three separate families reported being sickened after eating at the Nassau Hotel, the exact… Continue Reading

NJ’s ‘Operation Swill’ Finds Bars Swapped in Cheap Liquor


Liquor control and law enforcement in the state of New Jersey seized inventory and demanded records from 29 bars and restaurants that allegedly substituted cheap brands of liquor for premium brands, according to the Courier-Post. The investigation, known as “Operation Swill,” resulted from public complaints, confidential sources, and samples taken from investigators. The operation involved… Continue Reading