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Report shows only half of European food recalls made public

All too often there is a lag between the time European governments know about unsafe food and when public warnings go out about recalls, a new report says. After the public notice of last summer’s European egg recall because of insecticide contamination, Berlin-based Foodwatch decided to look into just how often such delays occur. The European… Continue Reading

Dutch egg recall for insecticide contamination spans the globe

Dutch egg producers’ practice of mixing the toxic insecticide Fipronil with a cleaning agent and sanitizer known as “Dega 16” for use around chickens has apparently led to the world’s largest recall of shell eggs since 2010. The first Fipronil-contaminated eggs were reported July 20 by food safety authorities in Belgium. The insecticide-tainted eggs turned… Continue Reading

Bacteria Spell Out Dutch Food Safety Education Campaign

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre launched a new food safety campaign in November with a little typographic help from bacteria. For their five educational posters posted across the country, the Centre grew bacteria into the shape of words. Microbial samples from the dishcloths, vegetables and cutting boards of ordinary Dutch kitchens were cultured and photographed for… Continue Reading

Dutch Food Safety Authority Stops Beef Exports Containing Horsemeat

HACCPEuropa reports that the Dutch Food Safety Authority NVWA has found horsemeat in shipments of beef from Van Hattern Vlees company in Dodewaard. NVWA reportedly stopped the sale of 690 tons of beef from being sold at supermarket chains and from being exported. Company records are apparently unclear about which consignments contain horsemeat and how… Continue Reading

Over 500 Salmonella Cases Tied to Smoked Salmon in Netherlands

One victim has died, according to health officials

More than 500 people in the Netherlands have now contracted Salmonella infections linked to smoked salmon, and at least one of these patients has died, reported Dutch health officials Saturday.  According to The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment  of the Netherlands, two fatalities have been connected to the outbreak. One has been… Continue Reading