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An Old School Business Goes New School on Food Safety

For specialty smoked meats purveyor Mike Satzow, overachieving in terms of food safety is integral to protecting his company’s legacy - and its future.

When your company’s reputation for all-natural, premium-quality products is 100 years old and the nation’s top chefs comprise your major market, each day’s production has a rather high bar to meet. Mike Satzow, the third-generation owner of North Country Smokehouse, Claremont, N.H., knows not only where that bar is set, but the factors that could… Continue Reading

How Does the Organic Industry Regulate Processing Aids?

The crunch of a good organic apple. The taste of a sun-warmed organic tomato. The welcome chunk of an organic potato in a potato salad.  The distinctive flavor of an organic hamburger. Without a doubt, fresh organic foods are a popular mainstay in grocery stores and at farmers markets across the nation. But what about… Continue Reading