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meat glue

Meat Industry Defends ‘Meat Glue’ as Safe, No Secret

“Meat glue” is yet another food industry practice that has been around for decades, but the public is only now learning about. Headlines like “Should you be grossed out by ‘meat glue’?” and “Meat glue’ poses health risks for consumers” are swirling about the Internet, and, especially after the pink slime PR disaster, the meat… Continue Reading

EU Bans ‘Meat Glue’

On Thursday, May 20, the European Parliament voted to ban bovine and porcine thrombin used as an additive to bind separate pieces of meat together into one piece. According to European Union lawmakers, the additives, which are commonly called “meat glue,” have no proven benefits” and create products that “carry an unacceptably high risk of… Continue Reading