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Legislatures Weigh Bills on Soda Labels, Microbeads, Marijuana, Powdered Alcohol, Among Others


State legislatures remain in session from Alabama to Wyoming, with food safety mostly getting only a light touch from lawmakers who seem largely focused on budgets and education in this non-election year. In Alabama, where a new cottage food bill took effect last June 1, Extension services are getting more money for training people to… Continue Reading

Report: Chicken on Menu at 2014 Food Safety Summit was Contaminated


The pan-seared breast of Chicken Marsala served by the Baltimore Convention Center’s exclusive caterer was the food item most commonly consumed by the 216 attendees sickened by the lunch served last April 9 at the Food Safety Summit’s annual conference. It was likely contaminated with Clostridium perfringens (C. perfringens), a spore-forming gram-positive bacterium commonly found on raw… Continue Reading

Sponsor of Maryland Raw-Milk Cow-Share Bill Gives Up


The individual cow-share (or herd-share) scheme Maryland legislative analysts said could double the number of the state’s raw milk-caused outbreaks is dead. Delegate James Hubbard (D-Bowie) withdrew House Bill 3 on Monday after failing to get it through the House Health and Government Operations Committee. The veteran legislator could not dislodge HB 3 from the… Continue Reading

Next GMO Battleground Could Be New York State

GMO labeling rally

Labeling food containing genetically modified ingredients might be a federal issue at some point, but the states are not done with it yet. Next month, two state capitals within easy earshot of the major media outlets – Albany, NY, and Annapolis, MD – are going to be holding public hearings on serious GMO labeling bills…. Continue Reading

Fight Against Widespread Seafood Fraud Joined on State, Federal Levels

Fish market

“It is unlawful to knowingly sell or offer for sale at wholesale or retail any fresh, frozen, or processed food fish or shellfish without identifying for the buyer at the point of sale the species of food fish or shellfish by its common name, such that the buyer can make an informed purchasing decision for… Continue Reading

GMO Labeling Bill Introduced in U.S. Congress


Today Colorado’s Jared Polis will announce, outside a reborn organic retail store in Boulder, that he is introducing a federal bill in Congress to mandate the labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms in all 50 states. And next Tuesday, the Maryland House Health and Government Operations Committee will hold a public hearing on state… Continue Reading

Quick Ruling Expected in Maryland Chicken Manure Trial


A fast-moving, but emotional civil trial pitting environmentalists against family farmers could end in the next day or two with a ruling by U.S. District Judge William M. Nickerson in Baltimore. At issue is whether common practices for handling chicken manure violate the federal Clean Water Act. The trial, which Judge Nickerson is hearing without… Continue Reading

Maryland Chicken Case Goes to Trial Smaller Than When It Started


It’s been more than two years since a federal bench trial in Oklahoma over chicken industry practices ended, but that judge has yet to issue a ruling. Now a three-week bench trial is underway in Baltimore for the case of Waterkeeper Alliance Inc. v Alan and Kristin Hudson Farm et al. This one is also… Continue Reading

Maryland First State to Ban Arsenic in Poultry Feed

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley Tuesday signed a bill banning arsenic in poultry feed, making his state the first to have a law against the practice on the books.   The new law, which takes effect Jan 1, prohibits the use, sale, or distribution of commercial feed containing arsenic and specifically mentions two Pfizer drugs that… Continue Reading

Maryland Confirms Campylobacter in Dairy’s Raw Milk

Maryland public health officials say lab tests confirmed Campylobacter jejuni bacteria in two unopened containers of unpasteurized milk from the Your Family Cow farm in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania health authorities have not yet announced the results of their tests, as the number of people who are sick after drinking milk from the raw milk dairy has… Continue Reading