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Mark Bittman

Letter From The Editor: ‘Ag-gag’ end game in hands of many


Funny thing about the federal courts. When enough of them get involved in an issue, they can end up showing how something can be done legally that previously was on shaky ground and subject to dispute when it all began. And we are not just talking about the Trump travel ban. Six years ago in… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: Food Movement


William Strannix, the character Tommy Lee Jones played in 1992’s “Under Seige” was a rogue CIA agent who took over a retiring battleship for its cruise missiles. Tom Breaker was his handler back at Langley, setting up this exchange: Breaker: “Look, Bill, if this is about reliving the 60s, you can forget it, buddy. The… Continue Reading

Pork Industry Takes Aim at Bittman’s New Column

The pork industry is taking issue with Mark Bittman’s inaugural New York Times food opinion column, “A Food Manifesto for the Future.” In a letter to the editor published Tuesday, Randy Spronk, chairman of the National Pork Producers Council’s environment committee, said the industry disagreed with Bittman’s call to outlaw concentrated animal feed operations and… Continue Reading