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Voters OK soda taxes, marijuana, and rebuilding the barn

Three Bay Area cities and Boulder, CO, Tuesday won voter approval to impose taxes on sugary drinks, joining Berkeley, CA, which passed the nation’s first soda tax in 2014. All are out to show higher taxes can cut sugar consumption and thereby reduce related diseases like diabetes and obesity. All four tax measures passed with… Continue Reading

Cannabis 101: Cues to determine shelf life of that newly legal marijuana

Food safety experts usually don’t see shelf life or expiration dates as big issues, but survey results consistently show that the public worries about those use-by and best-buy dates. It only stands to reason, then, that those who smoke or munch on marijuana would have similar concerns. Stepping up to help those worried about possibly aging… Continue Reading

Hugo’s town well was breached, but there’s no THC in the H2O

More extensive testing during the weekend proved the town water in Hugo, CO, does not contain any THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, as was reported by public officials last week. A shed covering a town wellhead was broken into, but the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department has not been able to determine when the break-in occurred… Continue Reading

Colorado town discovers local water supply may have gone to pot

Being first to make recreational marijuana legal has meant Colorado is an experiment, but nobody saw this one coming. Hugo, CO, a town of about 730 people, located 110 miles from Denver on the Eastern Plains has reported its municipal water has tested posiive for THC, marijuana’s main psychoactive ingredient. THC is what people pay… Continue Reading

Solicitor General Opinion Favors Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

The Solicitor General of the United Sates says that recreational marijuana is Colorado’s business and there is no need for the U.S. Supreme Court to review claims from Nebraska and Oklahoma that they are owed something because the legal weed is being trafficked beyond the Centennial State’s borders. Nebraska and Oklahoma sued Colorado a year ago… Continue Reading

Colorado Marijuana Users Legally Challenge Grower Over Pesticide

A Denver marijuana grower is the target of the first product liability lawsuit brought by consumers since Colorado became the first state to allow recreational pot use. The lawsuit against LivWell Co., which sells the marijuana it grows for both medical and recreational use through nine retail stores, was brought by two customers who claim the company… Continue Reading

Peak of 2015 Legislative Season Underway for State Lawmakers

This week marked the beginning of what’s called “the peaking season” for state lawmakers, and it’s seen some food-safety-related bills moving forward without producing any big trends. The “peaking season” refers to the fact that all but three of 50 state legislatures were in session this week, and that lawmaking will continue at this heighten… Continue Reading

No Marijuana Exemption in CO Initiative to Label GMOs

A Colorado ballot initiative looks like it will make this fall’s general-election ballot after spending less than one-tenth of the amount spent to put a similar measure before Oregon voters in November. Both proposals call for labels on food made with genetically engineered ingredients. Colorado’s Initiative 48 should make the ballot with about $90,000 spent…. Continue Reading