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Food safety concerns at cannabis production facilities continue

The legalization of cannabis in a growing number of U.S. states and Canadian provinces continues to raise concerns about a variety of food safety hazards, including pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli. “There are many food safety hazards associated with cannabis production and distribution that could put the public at risk, but are not yet adequately controlled,” Steven Burton… Continue Reading

No Recommendation From Stakeholders Group on Marijuana Edibles in Colorado

The marijuana edibles issue is being dropped like a hot potato into the newly split Colorado Legislature after an advisory group’s mandate ran out before it could come to any kind of consensus. It will pit the state’s nearly one-year-old, cash-rich recreational marijuana industry against public health and non=profit health group Smart Colorado. The last… Continue Reading

Bill to Protect Children From Harmful Edibles Turned into a Study

Children may be at immediate risk from marijuana-infused “edibles,” but a Colorado Senate committee has opted only to study the issue without any action this year. A House-passed bill sought immediate restrictions on packaging to better protect children from potent edibles that are being blamed for too many emergency-room visits. But the Senate put the… Continue Reading

Colorado’s New Political Recipe For Marijuana-Infused Food May Take Time

Suggestions are being made in Colorado for immediate drastic action over the sale of marijuana-infused food. However, it now seems that any changes in the regulation of so-called “edibles” will be slow and deliberate ones. Possible push-back by the state’s new cash-infused marijuana industry may be why two bills dealing with edibles that quickly passed… Continue Reading

What About Marijuana Food Safety?


A considerable paradox exists in U.S. food policy. Although the federal government has named food safety as a top priority, an entire pocket of the food industry remains largely unregulated by, or at least largely under the radar of, most federal agencies. That pocket is marijuana-infused food. The term “marijuana-infused food” may spark memories of… Continue Reading