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Margaret Hamburg

Senators Request ‘Robust’ Funding for Food Safety


Ahead of Thursday’s coinciding congressional hearings on budgets for the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS), U.S. Sens. Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) sent a letter to their colleagues, asking them to support “robust” food-safety funding. “We ask that the [Senate Appropriations] Subcommittee provide robust… Continue Reading

Industry Groups Say ‘Massive Overhaul’ of Animal Food Regs Still Needs Work


The deadline passed Monday for comments to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on the preventive controls for animal food rule issued under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) submitted more than 100 pages of comments on what it describes as the most massive overhaul of animal food… Continue Reading

Warren Questions FDA Commissioner About Antibiotics Guidance


The issue of antibiotics in animal feed reared its head again Thursday as U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) questioned Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg about the effectiveness of Guidance 213 during a Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) hearing. “Surely the removal of production uses from the market is a good… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: New Years Resolutions



I wrote a few imaginary New Year’s resolutions for some of our newsmakers that we haven’t gotten around to publishing until now. As the great Willie Nelson would say: “Funny how time slips away.” Truth be told, some of my colleagues thought I was being too harsh on the government this year. I don’t think… Continue Reading

Top Ten Most Important Food Safety Stories of 2012


Editor’s Note: We continue today with our look back at what happened in 2012 with the Top Ten Most Important Stories of 2012 as selected by the writers and editors of Food Safety News. Like yesterday’s Reader’s Choices, the stories that drove Food Safety News’ readership to new heights, the Top Ten is a way… Continue Reading

Boxer: Something Fishy in Seafood Production


The apparent widespread fraud involving seafood labeling practices around ports of entry for imported fish poses a serious health risk for some, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration needs to step up enforcement of this food, says a longtime U.S. Senator. “It is unacceptable that proven fraud is occurring on such a widespread basis,”… Continue Reading

Commissioner Hamburg: FDA Food Safety Funding Vulnerable

U.S. Food and Drug Commissioner Margaret Hamburg emphasized the stark budget challenge facing the agency, which is charged with overseeing 80 percent of the food supply, in a speech before a food policy audience in Washington, DC Tuesday. The FDA’s hundred-year-old “promise” to protect public health “speaks to government’s most basic function:  to safeguard the… Continue Reading

Hamburg Makes Case for Funding FDA in FY 2012

Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Margaret Hamburg made her case for upping resources at FDA for fiscal year 2012 before a House appropriations committee on Friday, citing the agency’s “enormous” responsibility and reach. “We are responsible for overseeing products that people need, products they care about, products that are fundamental to their… Continue Reading

Who Got Face Time At FDA

Sodium, trans fat, and food dyes were on the agendas for meetings held last month with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner, Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg and some of the nation’s top public health advocates, FDA’s public calendar shows. Food Safety News has chosen March 2010 for one of its periodic looks at who… Continue Reading

Food Safety News Naughty List 2009

After much thought and consideration, here is the Food Safety News Naughty list for 2009:

 NAUGHTY:  Stewart Parnell, President of Peanut Corporation of America, for asking for nearly $1 million from his bankrupt business for his own criminal defense fund after shipping peanuts his own tests showed were contaminated with Salmonella that sickened over 700… Continue Reading