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USDA ready to take over meat, poultry inspections in Maine

The Maine Legislature will meet in special session on Nov. 1 to fix the state’s recently adopted food sovereignty law. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is prepared to take over all meat and poultry inspections in the state if the lawmakers fail to enact and amendment. Maine Gov. Paul LePage called the emergency special session in… Continue Reading

Gov. LePage signs Maine food sovereignty into first-of-its kind law

Maine has officially withdrawn state regulatory control from 20 or more local communities that have passed so-called food sovereignty ordinances. Additional cities and towns have only to adopt such ordinances to fall under the local control act that has been signed into law by Maine Gov. Paul LePage. Adoption, however, may be more symbolic than… Continue Reading

Cannabis 101: Cues to determine shelf life of that newly legal marijuana

Food safety experts usually don’t see shelf life or expiration dates as big issues, but survey results consistently show that the public worries about those use-by and best-buy dates. It only stands to reason, then, that those who smoke or munch on marijuana would have similar concerns. Stepping up to help those worried about possibly aging… Continue Reading

Maine Legislature May Go Along With Governor on Raw Milk

A state Senate committee working session on Thursday should signal whether the Maine Legislature will go along with Republican Gov. Paul R. LePage’s desire to limit raw milk producers who are exempted from state licensing and inspection requirements to “on farm only” sales. LePage carved out his raw milk stance last session when he vetoed Legislative… Continue Reading

‘Maine’s Cliven Bundy’ Gets His Day in State’s Supreme Judicial Court

Outside Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court this week, Dan Brown was being celebrated as another raw milk outlaw, but inside, one justice was comparing him to Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. Bundy is the guy who has refused for years to pay U.S. Bureau of Land Management fees for the right to graze his cattle on federal land…. Continue Reading

Maine’s Legal Raw Milk Business May Evade Licensing and Inspections

Raw milk regulation in the form of licensing and inspection would have gone away in Maine last year had Gov. Paul LePage not vetoed the legislation because it allowed off-the-farm sales. Opponents of raw milk licensing and inspection are back this year with a bill that limits unregulated raw milk sales to the farm and… Continue Reading

New Hampshire House Votes Down GMO Labeling Bill

Loss Makes Contiguous State Strategy Less Likely

Knitting together at least five New England states to impose labeling requirements on foods with ingredients containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) just became more elusive. That’s because in New Hampshire, the House of Representatives has voted down its version of the GMO bill by 185-162. Last year, Connecticut was the first state to adopt a… Continue Reading

Hep A Outbreak in Maine Town Curtailed by Vaccination Clinics

Health officials in Maine say the impact of a Hepatitis A scare in the town of Durham has largely been curbed, thanks to a rapid response of vaccination clinics. Only two additional cases of Hepatitis A infection have been reported after attendees at a community dinner in the Durham Friends Meetinghouse, the Tri-Town Weekly reports…. Continue Reading

Attendees at Maine Community Dinner May Have Been Exposed to Hep A

Health officials in Maine have traced a case of Hepatitis A back to a community dinner in the town of Durham. Attendees who ate at the Durham Friends Meetinghouse over the weekend of Sept. 28 have been encouraged to receive a vaccine for Hepatitis A if they have not previously been vaccinated. Approximately 100 people… Continue Reading