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U.S., Canada: under-the-radar ingredient implications

Already the focus of two warning letters from Health Canada this year, Lithium orotate is a “questionable ingredient” used in some products for treating psychiatric disorders. However, NutraIngredients says that similar products are sold ‘south of the border’, and contain the salt mineral, but have not raised as high a concern for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Advocates of orotates claim support of the salt’s ability (as an orotic acid) to deliver trace… Continue Reading

Company Says Salt Substitute Adds Magnesium

With research suggesting that diets with inadequate sodium-to-magnesium and sodium-to-potassium ratios may be as much of a problem as diets with too much sodium, the Scoular Company has created Smart Salt, a product it says reduces sodium yet offers a healthy source of magnesium. According to Deborah Rolf, executive vice president, Americas-Smart Salt, Inc., USDA… Continue Reading

Irish Child Sickened by Intravenous Supplement

Five years after suffering brain damage from an intravenous food supplement prepared with too much magnesium, an Irish child died of complications due to pneumonia. Elaine Barrett, from Galway, was born prematurely in 2003.  At less than six weeks old, while still in the hospital, she was given a special food supplement.  According to the Irish… Continue Reading