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Lydia Zuraw

Letter From The Editor: Rebuilding Season


Coral Beach, formerly of The Packer, is the new managing editor of Food Safety News. She succeeds Cathy Siegner, who left us in December to become a project director for Ballotepedia. Also moving on at year-end was Lydia Zuraw, our Washington D.C. correspondent for the past two and half years. She has joined Kaiser Health… Continue Reading

Lydia’s 10 Favorite Food Safety News Articles


Editor’s Note:  Food Safety News  Washington D.C. correspondent Lydia Zuraw for the past two and one half  years will after today be found reporting for nonprofit Kaiser Health News.   She was kind enough to leave us some departing thoughts on the work she did for our readers. —– During my time with Food Safety… Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: Missing Riots, Crab Cakes in Baltimore


Street protests that turn into riots are among my least favorite forms of lawlessness. Usually the crowd is either the patsy or the willing dupe. When the World Trade Organization met in Seattle in 1999, a peaceful march by about 35,000 union members provided cover for maybe 100 self-styled anarchists who smashed up downtown retailers and… Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: There’s No Replacing the Irreplaceable

This week, we have some important news from the HR Department at Food Safety News. I would like to introduce Cathy Siegner and Lydia Zuraw, our newest staff members. Cathy has taken over as our chief copy editor. It’s her job to take stories filed during the day by staff and contributing writers and turn… Continue Reading