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E. Coli Outbreak Centered on Private School in Louisiana


When an exclusive private school suddenly extends its Easter break, it might be a good time to check with social media to see if, in fact, an outbreak of foodborne illness has occurred. That appears to be what has happened with Louisiana’s Silliman Institute, where the original schedule for the term shows Easter break not… Continue Reading

Legislatures Weigh Bills on Soda Labels, Microbeads, Marijuana, Powdered Alcohol, Among Others


State legislatures remain in session from Alabama to Wyoming, with food safety mostly getting only a light touch from lawmakers who seem largely focused on budgets and education in this non-election year. In Alabama, where a new cottage food bill took effect last June 1, Extension services are getting more money for training people to… Continue Reading

Louisiana Legislative Debate: Child Victims of Raw Milk Illness Can Just ‘Go To Heaven’


Debate on a Louisiana bill to allow on-the-farm raw milk sales by dairy farmers directly to consumers took a strange twist down the “what if” road last week. Under the bill, consumers would replace state inspectors for making sure the raw milk is safe for human consumption. That provision led to an eye-opening exchange between… Continue Reading

Raw Milk Gets Rare Hearing Today in Baton Rouge


Two Democratic state lawmakers representing mostly rural parishes are getting a legislative hearing today on a raw milk bill. If that does not sound like much, consider that Baton Rouge political watchers say it’s been more than a decade since raw milk has come up for discussion in the Louisiana Legislature. The Committee on Agriculture,… Continue Reading

KY Republican Puts Together Left-Right Coalition to Allow Interstate Raw Milk Sales


A left-right libertarian coalition led by U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is sponsoring two bills in Congress to permit the interstate sales of raw milk. Massie says the bills are but the first in a series of “food freedom” measures he plans to introduce. One would overturn the interstate ban on raw milk, while the… Continue Reading

Legislative Audit Questions Effectiveness of Louisiana Restaurant Inspections


A new report published by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor questions whether inspection of restaurants and other retail food establishments are doing enough to prevent foodborne illness in the Bayou State. With its $9.5 billion tourist industry mostly built around food and music, the safety of Louisiana restaurant food is a subject of interest far beyond… Continue Reading

Uninspected Beef and Pork Products Recalled in Louisiana and Texas


Lao Chareune Foods in Dallas, Texas is recalling approximately 8,200 pounds of beef and pork products because they were produced without the benefit of federal inspection and misbranded, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Monday. The company is recalling: -3-oz. and 8-oz. packages containing “Pork Snack Stick” -3.20-oz. packages containing… Continue Reading

Oysters At New Orleans Restaurant Cause Norovirus

Fourteen people became ill with norovirus after eating Gulf oysters at a New Orleans area restaurant on April 28 and 29, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) announced Tuesday. As a result, DHH has closed a key harvesting area on the Gulf coast west of the Mississippi River and recalled oysters harvested from… Continue Reading

Too Much Fresh Water May Kill Gulf Oysters

Coming a year after an oil spill and six years after a hugely damaging hurricane, the Gulf oyster industry fears too much fresh water coming down the Mississippi River could be its final strike. The Gulf lost half its oyster harvest last year, and is far from recovery now. “The Louisiana and Mississippi oyster industries… Continue Reading