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Los Angeles Department of Public Health

Deer antler tea responsible for two botulism cases in LA County

Deer antler, specifically local deer-antler tea, has been associated with one confirmed and one suspected case of potentially deadly botulism, according to Los Angeles County Public Health. The department’s preliminary investigation found the illnesses may be associated with consumption of deer antler tea, acquired during March. “Pending further investigation, Public Health recommends that all persons who purchased… Continue Reading

Infected Food Handler Responsible for Salmonella Outbreak at Don Antonio’s

An ill food handler was the likely source of the Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak at Don Antonio’s, the popular West Los Angeles Mexican restaurant, that this past March 18-20 infected 23 diners, according to reports from the state and country public health departments. Alternatively referred to as “Restaurant A” by the county and Don Antonio’s in… Continue Reading