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Letter from the Editor

Letter From The Editor: Clovis likely to stay as Perdue’s wingman


In my Top 10 list of favorite movies is “Casino,” released in 1995 by director Martin Scorsese. One of the reasons I like it is the stars played the roles of real people and the scriptwriters adhered as much as could to the real story. Robert De Niro is the main character as Sam “Ace”… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: Moving faster than a speeding bullet


No less than the 9/11 Commission said border security should be a cornerstone of national policy. After all, the 19 hijackers who killed 3,000 people and injured more than 6,000 others in 2001 got into the United States by acquiring visas and gaining admission without challenge. Time was when we were demanding to know how that… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: China

China was the United States’ largest supplier of goods imports in 2010 and was our 3rd largest supplier of agricultural imports at $3.4 billion. Leading categories include: processed fruit and vegetables ($811 million), fruit and vegetable juices ($386 million), snack foods (including chocolate) ($190 million), and fresh vegetables ($132 million). China’s food safety record is… Continue Reading