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Both sides now: Opposing views from across the courtroom


Editor’s note: This is part of a series of articles leading up to the 20th annual Food Safety Summit. The event, from May 7-10 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in suburban Chicago, includes certification courses; a trade show with exhibitors from industry, academia and government; an extensive list of seminars and panel discussions; and a… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: Could announcing July E. coli outbreak have prevented Chipolte’s fall


Yesterday, with the announcement of an expanded criminal investigation and slumping sales, combined with a stock price creeping slightly back up from the bottom after a multi-billion dollar free fall, it does make you wonder if Chipotle could have turned its bus around before it drove off this cliff? Now it could be facing criminal… Continue Reading

Report Argues That Courts Ensure Food Safety Better Than Industry

A report released Wednesday by the American Association for Justice argues that the civil justice system is better at getting the food industry to ensure the safety of their products than foodborne illnesses. About 80 percent of foodborne illnesses are never connected to their cause. The AAJ report says this means “no consistent market repercussions… Continue Reading

Lytton Interview: The Role of Litigation in Food Safety

Albany Law School professor and author Tim Lytton sat down with Food Safety News at the 2015 Food Safety Summit last month in Baltimore, MD, to discuss the influence of litigation on food safety. Lytton describes litigation as one of the three key pillars of the U.S. food safety system, along with government regulation and… Continue Reading