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King Amendment

Iowa Congressman Reintroduces Interstate Commerce Agriculture Bill

On Feb. 3, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) re-introduced his Protect Interstate Commerce Act (PICA), which he attempted to amend into last year’s farm bill. King’s bill would prevent states and local jurisdictions from interfering with the production and distribution of agricultural products in interstate or foreign commerce. In his statement about PICA, King referenced California’s statewide… Continue Reading

Law Professors Voice Concerns Over Farm Bill’s King Amendment

U.S. Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) “Protect Interstate Commerce Act” has many folks biting their nails. Various groups have been expressing their concern about what the amendment to the long-awaited Farm Bill – which will not be finalized before January – could mean for states’ rights, the environment, animal welfare and food safety. Late last week,… Continue Reading

Proposed King Amendment Threatens Broad Spectrum of Food Issues


After much delay, the Senate and House of Representatives passed their separate versions of the Farm Bill this summer. The country is now awaiting the final version of the Farm Bill, which will control farm policy and federal farm programs for at least the next five years. The House’s version of the Farm Bill, H.R…. Continue Reading