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County exec says sick employee caused outbreak; state less sure

Eagles Roost Sports Bar, Irvine, Ken.

The top official in Estill County Kentucky says a sick restaurant employee caused a Salmonella outbreak that sickened 83, but state officials say the root cause remains unknown. Wallace Taylor, executive judge for Estill County, said Tuesday he “is being told it was narrowed down to an employee” at the Eagles Roost restaurant and bar… Continue Reading

Root cause of Kentucky Salmonella outbreak eludes officials

State officials say a Salmonella outbreak in Estill County Kentucky that has sickened at least 72 is winding down as the root cause continues to evade investigators as it has for the past month. A dozen of the victims have required hospitalization. Most of the sick people are from Madison and Estill counties and a… Continue Reading

Patient count increasing in Kentucky Salmonella outbreak


More than 50 people are now confirmed sick in a Salmonella outbreak in Kentucky where health officials are asking for the public’s patience and assistance to find the cause. The Eagles Roost, a sports bar and restaurant in Irvine, KY, where at least 19 of the 51 confirmed Salmonella patients reported eating before becoming ill,… Continue Reading

Officials decline to name Kentucky restaurant in Salmonella outbreak

The Estill County, Kentucky Health Department reports that it is investigating a Salmonella outbreak in the community. Of the 41 people showing symptoms, 19 are confirmed to have Salmonella infections. All 19 of those people reported eating at one restaurant before becoming sick, but county and state health officials have not named that restaurant. The… Continue Reading

Egg-Producing States File Appeal Over California’s Proposition 2

States that, until recently, sold a total of 2 billion shell eggs a year in California clearly don’t intend to give up on that lucrative Golden State market without a fight. After first getting tossed from federal court, they’ve now returned with bulked-up arguments to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The… Continue Reading

Legislatures Weigh Bills on Soda Labels, Microbeads, Marijuana, Powdered Alcohol, Among Others

State legislatures remain in session from Alabama to Wyoming, with food safety mostly getting only a light touch from lawmakers who seem largely focused on budgets and education in this non-election year. In Alabama, where a new cottage food bill took effect last June 1, Extension services are getting more money for training people to… Continue Reading

KY Health Official Warns Residents About the Risks of Unpasteurized Milk

The Kentucky Department for Public Health has not been able to identify the source of the E. coli outbreak that sickened five children in early September, despite the work of raw milk journalist David Gumpert to bring the link between the children’s illnesses and raw milk to the public’s attention. However, on Tuesday the department put… Continue Reading