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Study: Food Pantries Have ‘Room for Improvement’ in Food Safety

The food safety of food pantries is a fairly new arena for researchers, but with 14 percent of American households insecure about food at some point during 2014, it’s drawing more attention. The latest bit of research on the subject finds that there is “much room for improvement,” particularly when it comes to recalls. The… Continue Reading

Survey: Only 48 Percent of Americans Wash Their Hands After Cracking Eggs

When it comes to eggs, consumers are pretty good at following two of the four key food safety messages — “separate” and “chill” — but when it comes to “clean” and “cook,” a bit more education might be required. A team of researchers from RTI International, Tennessee State University, and Kansas State University have just… Continue Reading

South Texas Feedlots Hold Lessons About Resistant Salmonella

Antimicrobial-resistant Salmonella that can compromise the safety of fresh beef is the target of research being funded by the Beef Checkoff and the Texas Beef Council. An update on the work, by the Texas A&M University Department of Animal Science, was recently presented in Dallas at the 2015 Beef Industry Safety Summit. The A&M AgriLife Research… Continue Reading

State-By-State Estimates of Foodborne Illness Can Inform Interventions

A new study out of Ohio State University estimates the costs of foodborne illness on a state-by-state basis. Economist and associate professor of human sciences, Robert Scharff, found that, by conservative estimates, the average cost of illness per case ranges from $888 in West Virginia to $1,766 in Washington, D.C. The analysis, published in the… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: 14 Pathogens cost us $4B to $33B Yearly

An article entitled, “Annual Cost of Illness and Quality-Adjusted Life Year Losses in the United States Due to 14 Foodborne Pathogens,” which appears in this month’s Journal of Food Protection, again points to the personal and societal costs of food that went bad. The article, written by Sandra Hoffman, Michael Batz and J. Glenn Morris,… Continue Reading