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More ‘Ag-Gag’ Bills Could be Decided Before Courts Rule on Challenge


It’s unlikely that the constitutionality of the new “ag-gag” laws of Idaho and Utah will be known until after those states hold legislative sessions in 2015, and maybe even until after another round of lawmaking in 2016. The controversial “ag-gag” statutes, which prevent undercover investigations at animal agriculture facilities, were adopted in Utah in 2013… Continue Reading

Shigella Outbreak Sickens 105 in Sioux City, IA


At least 105 people in and around Sioux City, IA, have fallen ill with Shigella infections since October, a “significant increase” in cases, according to the Siouxland District Health Department. More than 60 percent of the victims are 10 years old or younger, a health department official told KTIV News. Shigella infection has the potential… Continue Reading

635 Ill with Cyclospora; Taylor Farms Resumes Production


After announcing on Monday that the Cyclospora illnesses in Texas were not linked to the outbreak in Iowa and Nebraska, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have kept their case count at 610 people in 22 states. That number lags behind the official count by the Texas Department of State Health Services, which… Continue Reading

Still No Lead on 31 Rare Salmonella Illnesses in Iowa


The outbreak of rare Salmonella in Iowa, first reported in late July, still has investigators stumped looking for its source. At least 31 people across 19 Iowa counties fell ill with a “relatively uncommon” strain of Salmonella Enteritidis, though more than a week has passed since the last illness was reported, according to Dr. Patricia… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: Two Well-Placed Words


Cryptosporidium, one of those nasty little parasites, was having its way with the recreational swimming waters of Utah during the hot-weather months of 2007. One public swimming pool after another was reporting the problem. To its credit, Utah did not stick its head in the sand. About 5,700 people were sickened in that summer’s Cryptosporidium outbreak…. Continue Reading

Iowa’s Gastrointestinal Summer of Secrets


If there was a trifecta for gastrointestinal illnesses, Iowa would be running away with it this summer. It’s running second only to Texas in the national Cyclospora outbreak with 153 cases and it was one of seven states where the number of illnesses continued to increase during the past three days. The Iowa Department of… Continue Reading

Parasites Infect More Than 500 People; Count Up in 7 States


Cyclosporine parasites continued to find Homo sapiens as hosts in at least seven states as the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta again marked the progress of the 16-state outbreak.  CDC’s official scorecard for the first time climbed over the 500 mark, reaching 504 confirmed cases on the one cell parasite… Continue Reading

New Texas Illnesses Bring Cyclospora Case Count to 469


An increase of 44 cases in Texas over the weekend has brought the number of confirmed illnesses from recent Cyclospora outbreaks to 469, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. At least 171 Texans have fallen ill with Cyclospora since early June. Texas health department spokeswoman Christine Mann told Food Safety News investigators are… Continue Reading

Cyclospora Case Count Rises to 418


At least 418 people in 16 states are now known to have been sickened with cyclospora infections between mid-June and mid-July, according to updated numbers from state health departments as of the end of the day Thursday. This latest case count marks a 40-case jump from the 378 illnesses reported by the Centers for Disease… Continue Reading