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Institute of Medicine

Institute Releases Latest Buzz From Caffeine Workshop

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) today released a 150-page summary of the two-day workshop held in August 2013 to examine the potential health impacts from consuming caffeine in dietary supplements and foods. Presenters included experts from across the country and even Canada. The document does not contain any recommendations or position statements from IOM, but… Continue Reading

Institute of Medicine: Low Salt Intake May Be Unhealthy

Health experts have long promoted one simple, consistent message when it comes to salt intake: cut back. Now, a review from the Institute of Medicine suggests that a diet too low in sodium may actually be unhealthy for those at risk for heart problems. This conclusion was drawn by a committee designated by IOM tasked… Continue Reading

More Empty Recommendations on Junk Food Marketing to Children

Last week, the nation’s top public health experts gathered at a much-trumpeted obesity conference hosted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called Weight of the Nation. (A quick glance at the agenda reveals nothing that would even begin to challenge the food industry.) Released at this bland event was an equally uninspired… Continue Reading

IOM Outlines National Weight-Loss Plan

Why are so many Americans overweight or obese? The Institute of Medicine weighed in on the issue Tuesday with a comprehensive 478-page report that puts the blame on a social structure that promotes unhealthy choices.  The document – intended as a roadmap for obesity prevention – says that willpower alone will not help people stay… Continue Reading

IOM: FDA’s Inspection Approach to Imports is ‘Impractical’

An increasing portion of the food on our plate is coming from beyond our borders, but how do we know that it’s safe? A new study by the Institute of Medicine looks at the “daunting” task of ensuring safe food across the globe and comes to the conclusion that it’s going to take lot more than… Continue Reading

IOM: It’s Time for Nutrition Label Stars

Food packages often make sweeping claims about the health benefits of the product inside: “Contains 50 percent more whole grains than the leading brand,” “Now with 30 percent less fat,” or “Good source of calcium” are declarations repeated up and down grocery store aisles.     But if the government acts on a new set of… Continue Reading

Competition Calls for New Apps to Promote Health

This spring, teams of college and university students are being challenged to create an application that uses available health data to promote better health in their communities.  A competition organized by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) asks students to identify a health problem in their community, such as… Continue Reading