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Initiative 522

The Food Safety News Top 10 News Stories of 2013

Editor’s Note: Each year, the writers and editors of Food Safety News pick the top 10 news stories based on the story’s overall importance within the food safety community. This year, we’ve added a separate listing of the top 10 foodborne illness outbreaks, as compiled by managing editor James Andrews and published on Dec. 27…. Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: Rural Voters Veto GMO Labeling (Again)


There are not many people or voters in rural counties, but there sure are a lot of rural counties. In Garfield County in Washington state, almost 82 percent of the voters rejected Initiative 522, the measure that would have required labels of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Indeed, the rural counties of Washington voted… Continue Reading

Poll: GMO Labeling Initiative ‘Too Close to Call’ in Washington State

Initiative 522 opponents in Washington State have apparently shifted some voters against the ballot measure to require labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The state’s only independent, non-partisan survey research firm, known as the Elway Poll, says its Oct. 15-17 interviews with 413 registered Washington State voters found there’s been a dramatic 41-percent… Continue Reading

GMO Safety Debate Makes Washington State Voters’ Pamphlet

Apparently food safety is an Initiative 522 campaign issue as it’s come up in an important venue – the State of Washington voters’ pamphlet. In the official “Argument Against” I-522, representatives of the “No on 522” campaign state that 70-80 percent of groceries sold in the U.S. already include ingredients with genetically modified organisms (GMOs)… Continue Reading

Early Editorials Against GMO Labeling Initiative in Washington State

An early indication last year that California’s Proposition 37 might be in trouble was its unpopularity with the state’s newspaper editorial writers. The same phenomenon may be playing out in the Evergreen State, where scribes with opinions aren’t showing much support for Washington’s Initiative 522. The Seattle Times, Washington state’s largest newspaper, warned voters as… Continue Reading

GMO Labeling Battle in Washington State Off To Familiar Start

Nobody is calling it “Little GMO” after California’s “Big GMO” yet, but Initiative 522 in Washington State looks like it is on the same track as the Golden State’s ill-fated Proposition 37. Except it has a shot at winning. In 1990, when the two states ran similar environmental initiatives they became know as “Big Green”… Continue Reading

Campaign for GM Food Labeling Gets New State Battleground

Sunday’s end to the Washington State Legislature’s 105-day regular session means Evergreen State voters are going to decide whether genetically modified food should be labeled.  That’s because lawmakers in Olympia took no action on Initiative 522, Washington State’s version of  the “Right to Know” law California voters narrowly rejected last November. I-522 is an “Initiative… Continue Reading

GMO Labeling Bill Introduced in U.S. Congress

Today Colorado’s Jared Polis will announce, outside a reborn organic retail store in Boulder, that he is introducing a federal bill in Congress to mandate the labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms in all 50 states. And next Tuesday, the Maryland House Health and Government Operations Committee will hold a public hearing on state… Continue Reading