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State Legislatures Pass on Adopting GMO-Labeling Policies This Year

U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) may want to send some thank-you letters out to state legislative leaders who shut down efforts to get in his way this year. Pompeo is the GOP’s point man in Congress on federal policy to preempt the states from writing their own laws requiring the labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This… Continue Reading

17 Reportedly Sickened After Eating at Illinois Golf Course Restaurant

A possible foodborne illness may have sickened 17 people who ate at the Grumpy Goat Tavern in Elgin, IL, on Saturday. The Kane County Health Department in Aurora, IL, is investigating the reports. Those suffering from “gastrointestinal disorders” had eaten from a buffet at the restaurant in The Highlands of Elgin Golf Course after participating in a… Continue Reading

Illinois Governor Signs Cottage Food Bill in Kitchen of 12-Year-Old Baker

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, a first-term Democrat in a tough re-election campaign against Republican businessman Bruce Rauner, traveled to the town of Troy, IL, near St. Louis on Tuesday to sign the so-called “cupcake bill” in the kitchen of 12-year-old baker Chloe Stirling. His signature made Stirling’s home baking business legal once again. It had… Continue Reading

Food Poisoning Suspected in Southern Illinois, Two Hospitalized

A possible outbreak of food poisoning earlier this month sickened several people and hospitalized two in Mt. Vernon, IL, according to a news report published Tuesday. The sicknesses occurred around April 6, but additional details were sketchy. One victim reportedly told local media outlets that he had become ill after attending a brunch at the… Continue Reading

More Battling Than Policy Changes Mark 2014 State Raw-Milk Action

There are still multiple endings that could be put on the raw-milk story told during the 2014 state legislative season. One popular theory is that the foodies and libertarians have joined hands in a great coalition to pass bills to legalize unpasteurized milk across the land. These theorists point to 40 bills introduced in 23… Continue Reading

35 Sick After Eating at Hacienda Don Villo in Channahon, IL

According to the Grundy County Health Department, 35 people are ill after eating at Hacienda Don Villo, a Mexican restaurant in Channahon, IL. The county’s health administrator Phil Jass told Food Safety News that although patient samples are still being tested, some have tested positive for Salmonella, including one restaurant employee. At least one person… Continue Reading

Issues Of Improper Food Handling At Los Burritos Mexicanos Addressed

Health department officials of DuPage County have released a report on their investigation of Los Burritos Mexicanos – the Lomard, Ill., restaurant at the center of an E. coli 0157:H7 outbreak in June. While no specific menu item was identified as the culprit, investigators did find that food handlers weren’t properly washing their hands or… Continue Reading

Cyclospora Illnesses in Midwest Reach 258 as Investigation Continues

Health officials in several Midwestern states are continuing to investigate a recent surge in Cyclospora infections from early June, but have still not identified a source. At least 258 people have now fallen ill, predominantly in Iowa, Nebraska and Texas, according to the latest case counts by state health departments. The latest case count by… Continue Reading