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NC Company Recalls Potentially Beetle-Contaminated Hay After Six Horses Die

Murphy Farm Hay and Feed Company of Louisburg, NC, has recalled some alfalfa hay due to potential blister beetle contamination. The product was offered for sale to consumers at the following two retail locations: Murphy Farm Hay and Feed in Louisburg, NC, and Jones Farm Hay and Feed in Middlesex, NC. A sample of the potentially… Continue Reading

Valley Meats Disputes State Fine For Improper Cow Disposal

New Mexico’s Valley Meat Co. is appealing a state fine of $86,400 for improper disposal of composted cattle remains. Valley Meat gained notoriety earlier this year when it applied to USDA for equine inspection services to open a horse slaughter facility for export at its closed beef plant near Roswell, NM. The New Mexico Environment… Continue Reading

USDA Ready to Inspect Horse Slaughter By Year End

Equine inspections will be back on the menu at USDA by the end of the year, according to Al Almanza, administrator of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). On Saturday, Almanza told the Texas-based Southwest Meat Association, meeting in San Antonio, that USDA will be ready to inspect plants that slaughter horses for human… Continue Reading

House Budget For USDA Bans Spending on Horse Slaughter

A House committee vote may have closed the barn door before horse slaughter will ever be resumed in the United States. The powerful Appropriations Committee has by voice vote agreed to again ban federal funding for USDA inspections of horse slaughter facilities. In a deal last year, President Obama and Congress agreed to lift that… Continue Reading

Two Applications in For Horse Slaughter; Opposition Gears Up

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) won’t admit it has received either request, but the agency now has two formal applications for inspection of horse meat-for-export processing facilities. As Food Safety News reported earlier, Valley Meat Co. in Roswell, NM previously filed the first application for equine inspection services with FSIS. The agency has now received… Continue Reading

23 Horses Die from Botulism Outbreak in Maine

A rare botulism outbreak has killed 23 horses at Whistlin’ Willow Farm in Gorham, Maine, Portland’s Press Herald reports. No mistreatment has been reported. Some sickened horses recovered, while at least another 40 horses at the farm never became sick. State health officials believe the toxin developed in bales of silage — feed grass packaged… Continue Reading