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Two British food executives imprisoned for horse meat scheme

Two British food company executives are behind bars for the the role they played in Europe’s 2012 scandal that saw horse meat passed off as beef. Andronicos Sideras, owner of Dinos and Sons Ltd., and Ulrich Nielsen of Flexi Foods were sentenced to four years and six months and three years and six months imprisonment,… Continue Reading

Bills to Ban Horse Slaughter Introduced in Congress

On Friday, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators introduced a bill in Congress to ban horse slaughter. The John Rainey Memorial Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act would alter the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act so that all horse parts are deemed unsafe. In addition, it would prohibit the export of U.S. horse meat and… Continue Reading

Dutch Court Sends Meat Trader to Jail in European Horse Meat Scandal

A Dutch meat trader is the first person sentenced to jail for the role he played in Europe’s horse meat scandal. Willy Selten, 45, will be jailed for 2.5 years after being convicted of selling 300 tons of horse meat labeled as beef. He was convicted on the details — forging invoices and labels, faking declarations, and… Continue Reading

Defendants Sentenced in UK Horse Meat Scandal

Judge notes suspicion of complicity

The first prosecutions brought in England following Europe’s 2013 horse meat scandal ended with one defendant getting a fine and another a short and suspended prison sentence, but only for what they’ve admitted doing. A Dutch trial getting underway today could bring a different outcome. Southwark Crown Court Judge Alistair McCreath did provide a lecture along… Continue Reading

Dutch Food Safety Authority Stops Beef Exports Containing Horsemeat

HACCPEuropa reports that the Dutch Food Safety Authority NVWA has found horsemeat in shipments of beef from Van Hattern Vlees company in Dodewaard. NVWA reportedly stopped the sale of 690 tons of beef from being sold at supermarket chains and from being exported. Company records are apparently unclear about which consignments contain horsemeat and how… Continue Reading

Improving Meat Traceability in the U.S.

A look at tracing meat through the supply chain

Without necessarily knowing the term “traceability,” consumers have been calling for it in their food system for a long time.  The evidence of that comes from the food industry itself, with its increased emphasis on where food came from. Many companies now highlight certain locations or farmers in brand names, commercials, or through packaging and… Continue Reading

Obama’s Budget Seeks to Slash Horsemeat and Catfish Inspection

Buried in President Obama’s nearly 1,500-page budget released this week are two very specific food safety-related requests. The administration wants to keep the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service from inspecting horsemeat or catfish. The horse slaughter issue, which is extremely contentious, is mentioned a few hundred pages into the appendices. The… Continue Reading

Professor Pennington Speaks Out on Meat, Greens and Spoilage

Professor Hugh Pennington, best known for his independent inquiry into the 2005 E. coli outbreak in Wales involving school children, is again stirring the food safety pot from his emeritus post at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.  With Europe moving from one food-related scandal to another, Pennington has been doing one media interview after… Continue Reading