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Homemade food responsible for botulism outbreak in Denmark

An outbreak of foodborne botulism in Denmark, with six confirmed cases, has been linked to a homemade dish served at a private party in June. Fødevarestyrelsen (Danish Veterinary and Food Administration) said a sample from the homemade dish was positive with botulinum toxin type A. The same type was identified in the patients. All six… Continue Reading

Holiday Hazard: ‘Canned’ bread a recipe for botulism poisoning

Holiday baking is a staple for many gift givers, but bread makers should take caution: Making bread in canning jars creates a readymade package, but poses life-threatening risks. According to the National Center for Home Food Preservation, some bread and cake recipes call for baking in canning jars and then closing with a canning lid. However, these recipes have very little or no acid, providing the perfect habitat for the… Continue Reading

New Jersey standoff on homemade food sales continues

A New Jersey state senator is standing firm on his opposition to legalizing direct-to-consumer sales of certain foods not produced in commercial kitchens, citing food safety and fair competition concerns. Only the Garden State and Wisconsin have 100 percent bans on “homemade” food sales, often referred to as the cottage food industry by proponents. New… Continue Reading

Unpasteurized Mexican Cheese Sickens 25 in Minneapolis

The number of Minnesotans sickened with Salmonella poisoning after eating unpasteurized, homemade queso fresco – a Mexican-style cheese – more than doubled before the outbreak ran its course.  Health officials said Monday that the number of illnesses in the outbreak have reached 25, up from the 12 cases originally reported two weeks ago. They said… Continue Reading

Seven Arizona Inmates in ICU: Botulism Suspected

Seven inmates at the Arizona State Prison Complex Eymen were hospitalized with symptoms of botulism this weekend, announced the Pinal County Health Department Monday. Homemade alcohol, or prison “hooch,” is the suspected source of the illnesses. Five of the prisoners fell ill on Saturday, according to the health department, and two more began exhibiting symptoms… Continue Reading

Oregon Health Experts Advise ‘No’ to More Raw Milk

Dr. Paul Cieslak was probably the last guy a group of small farmers trying to win exemptions from state food safety rules wanted showing up at the Oregon House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. Cieslak is communicable disease manager at the Oregon Department of Human Services Public Health Division, and he was there to speak… Continue Reading

Making Homemade Baby Food Safe

Many parents are discovering that homemade baby foods can be a nutritious and often more economical alternative to baby foods available in stores. To ensure that the food is safe for your growing infant, follow these simple steps for selecting, preparing, and storing food. Selecting Ingredients Always begin with good quality ingredients. It’s best to… Continue Reading

Michigan Cottage Food Law Gets Underway

The Michigan Cottage Food Law, signed by former Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm last July, is now taking effect and will likely become a model for legislation in other economically distressed states. Michigan’s Food Law of 2000 was amended to define a cottage food seller as “a person who produces or packages non-potentially hazardous food in… Continue Reading