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EFSA: Home kitchen hygiene crucial to fight foodborne illness

Relatively minor gastrointestinal illnesses can be serious, even fatal, for people from risk groups including small children, pregnant women, very old people or people with weakened immune systems, prompting a reminder that kitchen hygiene is of vital importance. In an effort to reduce the number of foodborne infections, the Member States of the European Union… Continue Reading

Seven-layer dip to die for? Keep your Super Bowl buffet safe

The holidays have come and gone, and many of us have started the countdown to kickoff Sunday at NRG Stadium in Houston. Like so many Americans, I get pretty excited about the Super Bowl – especially if my home team, Pittsburgh, is playing. Now, I’m not going to profess tremendous knowledge about football, but I do… Continue Reading

Football fans face formidable threat during Golden Game

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When the Kansas City Chiefs faced off with the Green Bay Packers in the first Super Bowl fifty years ago, tickets to the big game cost $12 and the average price for a visit to the doctor was $6.60, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. For the “Golden Super Bowl” this weekend, face-value of the… Continue Reading

Food Safety and Socioeconomic Status: Is There a Link?

Curious about how race and socioeconomic factors factor into foodborne illness risk, a number of researchers over the past few years have looked at foodborne illness risk among low-income and minority populations. Study findings show increased risk among minority populations, but researchers experience difficulty ascertaining whether disparities exist at the income level, mainly because of… Continue Reading

USDA Offers Refresher Course in Packing a Safe School Lunch

The kids may be the ones back in school this week, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture has a test for parents. The topic? How to prepare a safe school lunch. In an article published Wednesday, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service asks and answers a series of “true or false” food safety questions. Each… Continue Reading

Permits Required for NM Home Processors

Beginning January 1, home-based food producers in New Mexico are required to obtain a permit from the New Mexico Environment Department.   The food permit, which cost $100 per year, allows home-based food processors operating within state jurisdiction to sell the following foods:  yeast and quick breads, cookies, cakes, tortillas, high-sugar pies and pastries, high-sugar… Continue Reading