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Heavy man — Cornell’s Hiperbaric 55 pressures pathogens

Pressure kills bugs. Anyone who’s ever stepped on a creepy crawly and heard that familiar crunch knows that. It takes a lot more pressure than a pair of penny loafers, though, to kill microscopic pathogens like E. coli and Listeria, and Cornell University is proving its heavy-weight status as a food safety leader with its… Continue Reading

Made By Cow’s version of raw milk available Down Under

Cold-pressed “raw milk” goes on sale this week in Australia. It uses high pressure processing instead of heat, which the Australian Food Standards Code recognizes as pasteurization. The new process is being called revolutionary in producing milk that is said to be creamy and wholesome. That means the startup company, Made By Cow, can legally… Continue Reading

High Pressure Processing Can Make Ready-to-Eat Meats and Other Foods Safer

The 1998 Major League Baseball season will forever be remembered for “The Chase,” first by Ken Griffey, Jr., and finally between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, to top Roger Maris’s home-run record of 61. “The Chase” brought beer-drinking and hotdog-eating fans streaming back to MLB parks, many for the first time since the 1994 baseball… Continue Reading

Putting on the Pressure: ‘No Heat’ Way to Zap Pathogens

In the world of food safety, it’s not just about food poisoning outbreaks and recalls. Sometimes there’s some good news to share. That’s the case in breakthroughs and advances in science and technology that can stop foodborne pathogens dead in their tracks. And sometimes that sort of news appears in unexpected places. Take, for example,… Continue Reading

USDA Researchers Try to Make Shellfish Safer

When considering the best time of year to eat oysters, clams, mussels, and other mollusks, consumers may often hear the advice, “Never eat shellfish unless there is an R in the month.” This rule of thumb suggests that it is safer to eat shellfish from September through April and to avoid it from May to… Continue Reading

Can High Pressure Technology Make Hamburger Safer?

Hailing a patent-pending process for a new line of fresh hamburger patties as a “natural option for food safety” and a “technological breakthrough,” meat-industry giant Cargill has begun using a method of high-pressure processing to produce its newly introduced “Fressure” hamburgers for food-service customers. Cargill spokesman Michael Martin told Food Safety News that the company is… Continue Reading