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Hampton Creek

Target just says ‘no’ to Just brand from Hampton Creek Inc.

Apparently the “Just” brand of plant-based mayo and other processed foods will not be returning to the shelves of a Target store near you any time soon, according to the CEO of Hampton Creek Inc., which produces the products. Saying he was surprised, Josh Tetrick, who co-founded San Francisco-based Hampton Creek in 2011 with Josh… Continue Reading

Target pulls Just Mayo, all Hampton Creek foods from shelves

Retailer notified FDA of concerns about bacterial contamination and adulteration of products

Target has pulled all Hampton Creek products, including “Just Mayo,” pending further review because of food safety concerns. Officials with the country’s second largest retailer have been in contact with the Food and Drug Administration regarding their concerns, but the federal agency is not providing specific details — yet. “The decision to remove Hampton Creek… Continue Reading

Is there a government conspiracy against Hampton Creek?


Death threats. Paying off journalists. Threatening letters. Are these tactics used by Don Corleone in “The Godfather”? Or is it our own government’s efforts, perhaps with agribusiness lobby interests pushing them along, confronting what they seem to think is a major threat: a food company called Hampton Creek. Let’s review the turn of events. It… Continue Reading

Baking mixes recalled for Salmonella risk posed by coconut milk powder

San Francisco-based Hampton Creek is recalling six baking mixes that contain Native Forest Coconut Milk Powder. The ingredient tested positive for Salmonella in a company-initiated testing program, according to Hampton Creek. Hampton Creek stated that it immediately notified Native Forest and its distributor and has requested a voluntary recall of all Native Forest Coconut Milk… Continue Reading