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Publisher’s Platform: It is time to Vaccinate against Hepatitis A


It’s not just for travelers and people at risk anymore. I spent the last day meeting with the family of a woman that died too young from complications of Hepatitis A after eating tainted scallops from the Philippines. I represent nearly 80 others from that same outbreak – many who have been hospitalized, and even… Continue Reading

How Do Pathogens Get Into Produce?

Leafy greens, lettuce, cantaloupes, mangoes and strawberries. These are just some of the foods that have sickened or even killed people when they were contaminated with foodborne pathogens such as E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella. Amidst the confusing swirl of information about these and other produce outbreaks, the question arises: Were some of these pathogens inside… Continue Reading

Magazine Cautions Against 10 ‘Dirtiest’ Foods

The popular Men’s Health magazine is the latest to weigh in with a list of dangerous foods, along with information on how to increase their safety if you are still inclined to eat them. The Men’s Health list includes the 10 most often contaminated foods that are likely to be popular with its readers. The… Continue Reading

Ontario Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Green Onions

An Ontario outbreak of Salmonella Oranienberg, a rare form of Salmonella that causes acute intestinal infections in humans, may be linked to raw onions. Dr. Arlene King, Ontario’s chief medical officer, warned Canadians about the outbreak on Saturday.  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) then associated the outbreak with green onions.  CFIA expanded its warning… Continue Reading

Enforcement Report for Feb. 17

Catfish, seasoning salt, green onions, and some sprouts, plus eggs, are all found on the Feb. 17 Enforcement Report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  All were products that were contaminated with Salmonella and were subject to Class 1 food recalls. Here’s a look at all the details: PRODUCT Fisher/Rex Sandwiches, with a… Continue Reading

Chi-Chi's Hepatitis A Outbreak

Editor’s Note:  This is the sixth installment in a ten-part series on meaningful foodborne illness outbreaks. Our reliance on imported fresh foods, and the danger they can sometimes pose, was demonstrated in these green onions from Mexico that brought illness to suburban Pennsylvania.   It went down this way: In late October of 2003, Pennsylvania health… Continue Reading