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Plant Biotechnology Industry Rolls Out Site to Address Top Consumer Questions


The plant biotechnology industry, which, until now, treated those who questioned genetically engineered plants as unwashed Luddites who weren’t worth anyone’s time or attention, is well into a new approach. Through GMO Answers, an offshoot of the Council for Biotechnology Information, the industry is doing the digital equivalent of renting a big hall, inviting everyone… Continue Reading

Kroger, Safeway Will Nix GMO Salmon Regardless of FDA Decision


Kroger and Safeway, the largest retail grocery companies in the U.S., have reportedly agreed not to sell genetically modified salmon. The decision was released Monday by a coalition of food safety, consumer, health and fishing groups. The two grocery chains are now part of more than 9,000 stores across the country that have rejected carrying… Continue Reading

Agribusinesses Challenge Kauai’s GM Crop Restriction Ordinance in Federal Court


If a majority of voters in either California or Washington state had supported labeling foods containing genetically modified ingredients, agribusinesses would likely have responded with a federal lawsuit against one or the other state. Now that lawsuit – or much of it – is coming together in the U.S. District Court in Hawaii, but it’s been… Continue Reading

Senate Bill Proposes GE Labeling in California


Remember California’s Proposition 37? It was the 2012 ballot initiative that would have required genetically engineered (GE) food sold in California to be labeled as such. Prop. 37 would have also prohibited GE foods sold in California from being labeled “natural.” This aspect of the initiative got less attention, but would have had significant repercussions… Continue Reading

Tracing Food Controversies Back to GRAS


Update: This article has been edited to remove references to caramel coloring. What do trans fat, caffeine and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have in common? Each of these distinct, seemingly unrelated food controversies actually shares a common origin: the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) process. In fact, a wide range of food controversies — from sweeteners to… Continue Reading

Public Health Impact Levy, Urban Ag Zoning, and GMO Ban Among Latest Western Legislative Ideas


More evidence is in to support the old theory that legislative ideas move from west to east in the United States. This is primarily because California remains a hotbed for progressive ideas of all sorts. California Senate Bill 747 is back for 2014 in an amended form. It would allow the state to levy $20,000… Continue Reading

Journal Retracts Controversial GMO Study


A controversial study suggesting that rats fed genetically modified corn were more likely to develop cancer has been retracted by the scientific journal that first published it. The study had been cited by opponents of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as evidence of their harm, but it was heavily criticized in the scientific community for failing… Continue Reading

McDonald’s and Gerber Have Not ‘Rejected’ Arctic Apples



Recently, the activist group Friends of the Earth (FOE) published a release entitled, “McDonald’s, Gerber say no to GMO apples.” This post has a number of extremely misleading and downright false statements, which has led to confusion and misunderstanding for readers and media outlets. In a response to letters FOE sent to their companies, McDonald’s… Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: Rural Voters Veto GMO Labeling (Again)



There are not many people or voters in rural counties, but there sure are a lot of rural counties. In Garfield County in Washington state, almost 82 percent of the voters rejected Initiative 522, the measure that would have required labels of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Indeed, the rural counties of Washington voted… Continue Reading