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GMO labeling

Vermont Legislature Approves GMO Labeling Bill


With the opportunity to make a little history on the line, the Vermont House of Representatives decided not to quibble about its original GMO labeling bill. Instead of asking for a conference committee with the Vermont Senate to work out their differences, the House on Wednesday just passed the upper chamber’s version on a 114-30… Continue Reading

Vermont Senate Approves GMO Labeling Bill, Sends It Back to House for Final Vote

Members of the Vermont Senate voted 28-2 on Wednesday for a bill that, if the Vermont House of Representatives concurs with the Senate’s changes, would make it the first state in the country to require labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The bill, H. 112, passed the Vermont House last year but… Continue Reading

GE Labeling Resurrected in California, Petition For Ballot Measure Circulating in Colorado


California’s 2012 food-labeling ballot measure, rejected by state voters, makes a return from the grave tomorrow with a public hearing in Sacramento. And another state initiative is in the offing in Colorado. Since the narrow loss for the Golden State’s Proposition 37, which called for labeling foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), almost half… Continue Reading

Senate Bill Proposes GE Labeling in California


Remember California’s Proposition 37? It was the 2012 ballot initiative that would have required genetically engineered (GE) food sold in California to be labeled as such. Prop. 37 would have also prohibited GE foods sold in California from being labeled “natural.” This aspect of the initiative got less attention, but would have had significant repercussions… Continue Reading

Next GMO Battleground Could Be New York State

GMO labeling rally

Labeling food containing genetically modified ingredients might be a federal issue at some point, but the states are not done with it yet. Next month, two state capitals within easy earshot of the major media outlets – Albany, NY, and Annapolis, MD – are going to be holding public hearings on serious GMO labeling bills…. Continue Reading

New Hampshire House Votes Down GMO Labeling Bill

Loss Makes Contiguous State Strategy Less Likely


Knitting together at least five New England states to impose labeling requirements on foods with ingredients containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) just became more elusive. That’s because in New Hampshire, the House of Representatives has voted down its version of the GMO bill by 185-162. Last year, Connecticut was the first state to adopt a… Continue Reading

GE Salmon, Apples Keep Genetic Labeling On Legislative Menu in Olympia


Usually the Washington Legislature will steer clear – at least for a while – of a topic voters have settled in a recent initiative. That unwritten rule might ordinarily keep bills for labeling genetically modified food off the table for a while since voters narrowly nixed that idea in deciding against Initiative 522. House Bill… Continue Reading

State Legislative Season Begins Anew With Some Familiar Proposals


After going 0 for 11 in the states last year and losing again on a state initiative ballot last fall, animal agriculture and GMO labeling campaigners are back with their same old bills because it’s the start of a new legislative season in most states. Who says America isn’t the land of second chances? In… Continue Reading

The Food Safety News Top 10 News Stories of 2013

Top 10

Editor’s Note: Each year, the writers and editors of Food Safety News pick the top 10 news stories based on the story’s overall importance within the food safety community. This year, we’ve added a separate listing of the top 10 foodborne illness outbreaks, as compiled by managing editor James Andrews and published on Dec. 27…. Continue Reading