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Beach Beat: The universal truth of gloves


If you live Kansas City, you make it a point to know where your gloves are in February, even when a freakishly mild winter hands you a 73-degree Saturday like it did yesterday. I used to think the benefits of gloves were one of those universal truths that could in no way be misunderstood —… Continue Reading

Hawaii Could Follow California by Repealing Glove Law

Cost concerns and general opposition may prompt Hawaii to try and follow California by repealing new state health rules requiring food service workers to use utensils or gloves when preparing sushi or other ready-to-eat foods. The new rules just went into effect July 21 and have already drawn criticism from restaurant managers who say that… Continue Reading

Repeal of Controversial ‘Glove Law’ Passed by California Legislature

California’s short-lived law requiring food service workers to wear disposable gloves or use utensils when handling ready-to-eat food is about to be repealed and a less-restrictive law put in its place. The California Senate voted 32-0 on Thursday to approve AB-2130, the legislation repealing the so-called “glove law,” which had just gone into effect on… Continue Reading