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Planting for the local food bank? Take care to do it right


This time of year people who enjoy gardening are thinking about and planning what they will be growing this spring, summer and fall. I know this because I am one of those who has already purchased some of my seeds, and planting time is still a ways off yet. Many gardeners like to donate to… Continue Reading

What’s in Your Compost?


For home gardeners, spring is a busy time of year and there’s never a tomato with more flavor than one grown to full ripeness on the vine. But there are also many safety precautions to follow to prevent contamination of fruits and vegetables with pathogens that cause serious foodborne illness. Michele Jay-Russell, a veterinarian and… Continue Reading

Garden Visitor Can Be Deadly If Eaten

Poison hemlock is easily mistaken for edible plants

In the form of a beguiling tall stranger, death lurked in my garden last year. This spring, it reappeared, but this time much closer to the house. I only discovered its identity when, by chance, I bumped into a photo of this stranger while reading some news about the Pacific Northwest on the Internet. Accompanying… Continue Reading

Georgia Lawmakers Want People to Grow Their Own Food

In 1864, when Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman conducted his famous March to the Sea, splitting George apart like a ripe peach, his troops lived totally off the bounty of the land. Sherman’s Union army, marching without supplies, did not want for anything, while up north the Army of Virginia was experiencing disease and starvation… Continue Reading

Healthy Soil for Healthy Vegetable Gardens

Interest in vegetable gardening is growing, thanks in part to rising food costs, ecological concerns and incidents of foodborne illness related to produce. Just how many backyards are becoming food gardens is hard to enumerate, but the American Community Gardening Association estimates there are now more than 18,000 community gardens in the United States and… Continue Reading