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Greens Grower and Whole Foods Team Up for HACCP Certification

“It’s been a road.” That’s how Jeff Miller, owner of Willie Green’s Organic Farm, a diversified 85-acre farm in western Washington, described the three-year process it took to get a “certified thumbs-up” for the strict food safety practices he has put into place for his salad greens and baby leaf spinach. In doing that, Miller… Continue Reading

Farmers Market Vendors, Managers Get Up To Speed on Food Safety ABCs

No one wants customers to get sick. That was the message that University of Vermont Extension food safety specialist Londa Nwadike used to start off her recent webinar presentation about food safety tips for farmers market vendors and managers. With an eye toward the benefits of following good food safety protocol at markets, Nwadike was quick… Continue Reading

Should Farmers Market Vendors Carry Product Liability Insurance?

Why should you care?

You’re there at your favorite farmers market. As always, you stop by one of  the farm stands where you regularly shop to buy some fresh veggies and fruit. The farmer greets you with a welcoming smile and asks how you liked the food you bought from him last week. Giving him a strong affirmative nod,… Continue Reading

Food Safety Wins Thumbs-Up in 2012 Specialty Crop Grants

It’s a green light for food safety from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2012 specialty crop grants, with 8.4 percent of the total number of grants going to food safety projects – among them research, education, training and initiatives. The focus of many of these grants is directed toward smaller-scale farms. Specialty crops are defined by… Continue Reading

School Kids Chowing Down on Healthier Foods, But Who Are the Food Safety Cops?

The good news for kids this year is that they’re getting healthier foods in the meals they eat at school, thanks to new USDA standards that include a call for more servings of fruit and vegetables, some of which will likely be fresh produce from local farms. But with recent media reports peppered with stories… Continue Reading

Colorado Changes Its Cantaloupe Growing Practices

The few Colorado farmers who grow the same brand of cantaloupe implicated in last year’s Listeria outbreak — the most deadly outbreak of foodborne illness in the U.S. in decades — are falling into line with growing and packing reforms that originated in California. The California-centered U.S. cantaloupe industry is bending other growing areas to… Continue Reading

Creating a Food Safety Plan for Local Growers

The popularity of farmers markets and direct farm-to-market sales, such as Community Supported Agriculture, is growing nationwide. The mission of the “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” program through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is to “strengthen local and regional food systems.” It’s working. According to the USDA, the numbers of farmers markets across… Continue Reading

Sprouts Pose a Unique Danger, EFSA Says

Following the massive European E. coli outbreak linked to sprouts grown from contaminated seeds this spring, the European Commission requested that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) conduct an analysis of the specific threats facing the safety of sprouts and how best to combat them.  Last week the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) released the… Continue Reading