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Canada’s Food Inspection Agency Given Lowest Passing Grade in U.S. Audit

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) received an “adequate” rating – the lowest passing grade – in the latest audit by the U.S. government to determine its equivalency on food safety standards, according to documents recently released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. According to the audit, the CFIA needs to improve oversight of practices… Continue Reading

FSIS Makes Cut to Foreign Meat Safety Audits Public

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced it has stopped annual food safety audits for foreign countries shipping meat to the U.S. and will now do these audits just once every three years. The policy change was made nearly three years ago, and Food Safety News exclusively reported on the scale-back nearly three months ago, but USDA’s Food… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: “The Blob” in 2012

The 1958 science fiction movie “The Blob” remains a classic because it introduced the great Steve McQueen in a leading role. Probably because the horror flick about a giant amoeba-like space alien landing in Pennsylvania continues to entertain audiences on our many movie channels, an academic debate of sorts comes and goes. “What did the… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: USDA Drops Ball on Foreign Meat Safety


We practice at least two types of journalism here. Mostly we do daily journalism, finding out what we can and bringing it to you in the same news cycle. We are also are able to do some investigative reporting, also known as enterprise journalism, that requires more time to produce. Usually, the subject of investigative… Continue Reading

Investigation: USDA Quietly Eliminated 60 Percent of Foreign Meat Inspections

Agency also lacks foreign audit transparency

Sending U.S. Department of Agriculture officials overseas to inspect meat and poultry plants whose products are destined for American consumers has long been a bedrock of our modern import safety system, but an investigation by Food Safety News found, the number of countries audited by U.S. officials each year has declined by more than 60 percent… Continue Reading