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IAFP Interview: Kennedy on Food Security and Fraud


Shaun Kennedy, director of the Food System Institute and professor at the University of Minnesota, recently sat down with Food Safety News to discuss a number of topics related to food security and food fraud. What challenges do we face with keeping the U.S. food system secure from intentional contamination? What foods are most susceptible to… Continue Reading

Putting Science on the Table



I’m heartened by the fact that so many people are finally talking about food and nutrition security. There is increasingly widespread recognition that our growing population, increasingly volatile weather conditions, limited natural resources, and many other factors are straining our food and agricultural systems and will undoubtedly further complicate the significant challenge of achieving food and… Continue Reading

Did You Eat Today? Thank a Food Worker



The most under-reported  and neglected aspect of the good food movement is the 20 million workers who toil every day — often under inhumane conditions — harvesting fields, killing and cutting up animals, packing boxes, driving trucks, cooking meals, ringing up orders, serving tables and cleaning up the mess. Recognizing this reality is the idea… Continue Reading

Why Low-Income Countries Should Care About Food Safety



Food safety is one of the most ignored areas of policy in low-income countries, especially in Africa. As a result, food systems in these countries are not always as well organized and comprehensive as in the industrialized world. This situation is exacerbated by an ever-growing population, rapid urbanization and, most importantly, a lack of the… Continue Reading

U.S. Third In Food Safety After Israel and France

Safety is almost an asterisk in the Global Food Security Index, recently released by DuPont and the Economist Intelligence Unit. In an overall assessment of the affordability, availability and quality of food, the United States emerges as No. 1 overall, but America was bested by Israel and France in the “quality” category, where food safety was… Continue Reading

US and China Sign 5 Year Ag Agreement on Food Safety, Security

The United States and China signed a five year agreement on food security, sustainable agriculture, and food safety at an agricultural symposium in Iowa Thursday. “We are the world’s two largest agricultural producers and strong collaborators in agricultural research and education,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack at the event. “Our great trade relationship benefits the… Continue Reading

Assessing the Risk of Intentional Contamination

In what was the latest reminder that any nation’s food supply can be vulnerable to intentional contamination, CBS News recently reported the sketchy details of a supposed terrorist plot to slip poisons into restaurant and hotel salad bars and buffets. Such an attack has long been considered a remote but theoretical possibility, especially in a… Continue Reading

CBS Reports Terrorists Might Target Food

CBS News reported it first on Monday night–that U.S. officials had gotten wind of a terrorist plot to slip poisons into hotel and restaurant salad bars and buffets in multiple locations during a single weekend. Tuesday other news organizations chimed in, repeating the CBS assertion that intelligence reports indicated ricin or cyanide would be used… Continue Reading

On Bears and Food Security Part V: The Solution

The solution: “Lasting success requires both HUMANS and BEARS to change their behaviors otherwise bears will continually get into trouble.” –Southwest Alberta Bear Management Program I began this series because of a discussion the British Columbia Food Security Network was having about how to make bears and fruit trees get along. Members in Powell River,… Continue Reading