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UK Study Lends Credence to ‘Five-Second Rule’


Apparently, food picked up just a few seconds after being dropped is less likely to contain bacteria than if it is left for longer periods of time, according to the findings of research carried out at Aston University’s School of Life and Health Sciences in Birmingham, England. The findings suggest there may be some scientific… Continue Reading

Australian Salmonella Cases Nearly Doubled Over Past 10 Years


The increasing incidence of Salmonella infections in Australia has prompted health officials Down Under to warn the public about the risks of consuming raw or undercooked eggs. According to a story published Tuesday at Good Food.com.au, Salmonella cases in Australia have almost doubled in the past 10 years from about 7,000 cases in 2003 to… Continue Reading

The View From Kiev: Ukraine’s Food Safety Improvements Will Eventually Align With the EU


Food is a big part of the current political upheaval in Ukraine. As the world’s third-largest wheat exporter, the news from Kiev has already roiled the Chicago Board of Trade, and Russian threats to block imports from Ukraine are ratcheting up tensions. Much more in the background, but every bit as important to Ukraine’s future,… Continue Reading

Poll: Three-Quarters of Americans Want More Government Food Safety Oversight

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Nearly three-quarters of Americans believe there should be more government oversight of food safety, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, a Nielsen polling company. The poll asking 2,236 American adults their feelings on the issue of food safety found that 73 percent said there should be more government oversight of food safety. A… Continue Reading

Backlog of Inspections Puts New Yorkers at Risk

So says State Comptroller audit.

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The New York Department of Agriculture and Markets is not keeping up with the demands of its inspection schedule, allowing thousands of food manufacturers, supermarkets, bakeries and other food-related businesses to operate without updated inspections, according to an audit released Friday by State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli. The backlog has allowed hundreds of new establishments to start… Continue Reading

Does Ultraviolet Mean Ultrasafe?


American consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the safety-enhancing methods used on food and beverage products before their arrival at retail outlets: pasteurization by heat and high-pressure treatment, and irradiation by gamma rays, X-ray or electron beams. But they may not know much about ultraviolet radiation (UV), which is gradually becoming more common as a… Continue Reading

U.S. Places 21st in Ranking of World Food Systems


Despite affordable prices and high food quality, the United States tied with Japan for 21st place in a ranking of the world’s food systems, according to the international advocacy confederation Oxfam. The report, released Tuesday evening, judged the food systems of 125 countries according to four major metrics: food quality, abundance of food, affordability of… Continue Reading

Chinese Court Empowers Consumers to Sue Over Unsafe Food


Beginning March 15, Chinese consumers will have support from the courts in their efforts to sue manufacturers and retailers of unsafe food and pharmaceuticals, according to the South China Morning Post. The ruling, announced last week, encourages members of the public to take legal action against those who make or market harmful food, drugs, cosmetics… Continue Reading

Sriracha Shipments Stopped for 30 Days Over Food Safety Procedures


The manufacturer of Sriracha hot chili sauce says there won’t be any shortages of the beloved product, but diehards might want to stock up to be sure. Due to new food safety procedures ordered by the California Department of Public Health, Huy Fong Foods, Inc., of Rosemead, CA, will begin holding its sauces for 30 days… Continue Reading

Harvard Law School to Host Conference on Food Safety Law


As the public comment periods wind down on provisions of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), experts on food safety law have planned to convene at Harvard Law School to discuss the law and where food safety will go next. The conference, “New Directions for Food Safety: The Food Safety Modernization Act and Beyond,” will… Continue Reading