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What are they doing when nobody is watching?

Food Safety Summit panel offers tips on developing food safety culture and corporate support for it

CHICAGO — Put a bunch of company safety professionals in a room and you’ll hear theories, facts and hopes. Invariably the discussions boil down to two main challenges. Building a food safety culture across all levels of an operation and getting CEO’s to literally buy into changes that cost money up front are the challenges… Continue Reading

Shared values are the foundation for a culture of food safety


To create a food safety culture in any organization, there first must be understanding of what this means. I frequently discuss the importance of having a food safety culture with operators of a variety types of companies, and they all tell me the same thing: “my company has a great food safety culture.” But when I ask… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: Restaurant Rising – Marler’s 12 Step Program


Were I  the CEO of a 1,900-store restaurant chain with 45,000 employees (with a CEO-to-worker pay ratio of 1522:1), and just had six foodborne illness outbreaks in six months, what would I do this coming Monday morning? Frankly, with my stock price in free fall – losing $6 billion in value in less than two… Continue Reading