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Infected Food Handler Responsible for Salmonella Outbreak at Don Antonio’s

An ill food handler was the likely source of the Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak at Don Antonio’s, the popular West Los Angeles Mexican restaurant, that this past March 18-20 infected 23 diners, according to reports from the state and country public health departments. Alternatively referred to as “Restaurant A” by the county and Don Antonio’s in… Continue Reading

Profitability and Food Safety


As operators of food establishments look towards controlling costs, sometimes the decisions they make directly impact food safety. When sales go south, so does health and sanitation. In my years in the food service industry, this is what I have observed: Reducing Labor Hours: Cutting staff has been a tactic used since the beginning of time…. Continue Reading

Sick Subway Employees Worked During Norovirus Outbreak

Employees at an Indiana Subway restaurant went to work in January despite being sick with Norovirus, according to a health department investigation. During a Norovirus outbreak in Blackford County that sickened 90 residents from January 5 through January 8 of this year, workers at a Hartford City Subway continued to report to their jobs despite… Continue Reading

Media Influence on Food Safety Practices

Over the past 20 years, there may have been a correlation between media coverage of food safety issues and safe food handling and consumption, according to a new study in the Journal of Food Protection. Researchers from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the University of Maine School of Economics looked at data from… Continue Reading

Better to Vaccinate Food Workers Ahead of Time

Making restaurants pay for vaccinating their own employees against hepatitis A before they become food service workers would be a far cheaper alternative than running huge vaccination clinics after a food service worker becomes infected and exposes the public. The city of Lubbock, TX is the latest community holding a vaccination clinic — at a… Continue Reading

Don’t Let Foodborne Bacteria Bug Your Dinner

And so why do you care that September is the 17th Annual Food Safety Education Month, with an aggressive information and training campaign targeted directly to food-service workers? The numbers say it all. According to a January 2010 article in Journal of Food Protection about food-safety practices of food-service workers, meals prepared outside of the… Continue Reading

Kitchen Confusion: Food Workers Score Poorly on Safe Handling Test

Diners beware: some restaurant workers may not have a full grasp of what it takes to keep food safe from contamination. That’s according to a recent study from the University of Illinois at Chicago, which posed a series of food safety questions to area food handlers and found that the average respondent was able to… Continue Reading