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foie gras

2 Camplyobacter cases linked to restaurant; foie gras suspected

A restaurant in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, WA, has been confirmed as the source of two recent Camplyobacter infections, causing health officials to warn the public about the dangers of eating foie gras. Public health officials investigated an outbreak infecting “a single meal party” at Café Juanita, according to a notice posted by Seattle & King County Public Health. “On July 24th, Public… Continue Reading

California’s Foie Gras Ban Overturned

A judge in California has overturned the state’s ban on foie gras. The delicacy is made from fattened duck liver and is produced using “gavage” — a method of force-feeding a bird through a tube inserted in its mouth. The ban was passed in 2004 and went into effect in 2012. Its supporters argued that… Continue Reading