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Florida Department of Health

Warm weather warnings for shellfish lovers nationwide

From the Pacific Northwest to the Florida Keys, public health officials warn of increasing dangers from foodborne bacteria in raw and undercooked oysters and other shellfish as summer approaches. “Naturally occurring bacteria in warm coastal seawater becomes more abundant in the summer months and can concentrate in the tissues of oysters and other shellfish,” according… Continue Reading

Florida state health officials investigating Salmonella outbreak

Florida health officials are investigating a Salmonella outbreak potentially linked to a family-owned Mexican restaurant in Fernandina Beach. There were local news reports Wednesday of five confirmed and three probable illnesses connected with the outbreak, although a state health department spokesman would not provide any specifics to Food Safety News on Wednesday beyond a single quote. “We can… Continue Reading

States’ using iwaspoisoned.com for outbreak alerts

The crowdsourcing site iwaspoisoned.com has collected thousands of reports of foodborne illnesses from individuals across the United States since 2009 and is expanding with a custom alert service for state health departments. “There are now 26 states signed up, allowing government (health) officials and epidemiologists to receive real time, customized alerts for reported foodborne illness incidents,”… Continue Reading

Study of Rare Toxin Carried by Sport Fish Underscores Consumer Warnings

A rare toxin carried by barracuda, grouper and other locally caught sport fish sickens Floridians in greater numbers than previously believed, a new analysis suggests. Consuming the foodborne toxin, called ciguatera, can result in severe nausea and vomiting and sometimes long-term tingling in the limbs or joint pain. “The rate of illness was found to be… Continue Reading

25 Reportedly Hospitalized After FL Office Party

After a large catered event Wednesday at a Maitland, FL, office building, 55 employees who reportedly became ill were treated by fire department personnel and 25 were hospitalized in stable condition. Officials said it was a possible case of food poisoning. “There’s a significant number of patients that have symptoms that are consistent with a… Continue Reading