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First Lady Michelle Obama

Nutrition Facts Label to Get Major Updates

For the first time since it was developed in the early 1990s, the Nutrition Facts label is getting a new look. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday introduced plans for updating the label to include larger serving sizes, calorie counts in larger type and “added sugars” values, with the hope that it will… Continue Reading

The Wrong Obama Gives Tough Talk on Junk Food Marketing to Kids


This past week, Michelle Obama gathered 100 food industry representatives, academic experts and public-health advocates for a “summit” at the White House to discuss junk food marketing to children. The event included public remarks by the first lady, followed by a closed-door discussion among attendees, ostensibly to come up with some solutions. Her speech was better than… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: First Lady of the United States


Why am I not surprised with the snarky comments made around the anniversary of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign?  It was entirely predictable that if Mrs. Obama celebrated any success in her campaign, the classless and clueless critics would go for their knives. That’s exactly what has happened. On this third anniversary of “Let’s Move,”… Continue Reading

USDA’s School Lunch Program Moves to Limit Unhealthy Snacks

Anyone who has visited a convenience store near a school lately knows that snacks on campus have grown a little thin lately. At a C-Store near a suburban Denver high school, the students line up in to be let into the retail business only in “controlled waves.” The demand for sugary sodas and snacks off… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: New Years Resolutions


I wrote a few imaginary New Year’s resolutions for some of our newsmakers that we haven’t gotten around to publishing until now. As the great Willie Nelson would say: “Funny how time slips away.” Truth be told, some of my colleagues thought I was being too harsh on the government this year. I don’t think… Continue Reading

Walmart Unveils Healthy Food Initiative

First Lady Michelle Obama joined America’s largest grocery chain, Walmart, Thursday to announce that the Fortune 500 company has a five-year plan to increase healthy food offerings, reduce fresh produce prices, and improve access to affordable food, a move intended to complement Mrs. Obama’s campaign to combat childhood obesity. Walmart’s new initiative aims to reduce… Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: Moving Plum Island

Usually you risk getting arrested if you go some place where they want to see you naked and fondle you, but now you just have to go to the airport. All the uproar in the last week about the Transportation Security Agency’s (TSA’s) bonehead screening policies had me thinking that this must be happening to… Continue Reading

Food Safety Advocate Named 2010 Game Changer

Arianna Huffington announced that she had chosen 100 people in a variety of fields to honor as the Huffington Post’s 2010 Game Changers yesterday.  Food safety advocate Barbara Kowalcyk, founder and director of food safety for the Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention (CFI), was honored alongside 9 others in the Huffington Post Food… Continue Reading