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Penn State Launches Pilot Food Safety Program for Farmers Market Vendors

Some farmers market vendors in Pennsylvania will be getting food safety training this summer courtesy of a new Penn State program. The pilot program in select cities across the state is directed at small-scale food processors and farmers. It includes a three-hour session that covers key food safety concepts, such as safe processing and preparation… Continue Reading

When Does a Cottage Food Law Become a House Food Law?


Last week on Food Safety News, Dan Flynn wrote an article discussing Virginia’s plans to loosen its cottage food laws. Cottage food laws are basically laws that allow small-time producers to use appliances in their homes to bake, cook, can, pickle, dry or candy certain low-risk foods for sale. By contrast, state laws require all… Continue Reading

Shoppers Can Pick Up Food Safety Clues at Farmers Markets

This is National Farmers Market Week, and with a bounty of  freshly harvested food now available from local farms, people are flocking to the markets — for all sorts of reasons. “There’s nothing better than interacting with the people that nourish your body,” said one of the people responding to the American Farmland Trust’s request… Continue Reading

Study Finds Raw Chickens from Farmers Markets Carry More Pathogens Than Those from Groceries

A new study out of Pennsylvania State University suggests that raw chickens from farmers markets may be more likely to carry foodborne pathogens than the same product found at grocery stores. Researchers found that, out of a small sample of whole, uncooked chickens purchased throughout Pennsylvania, those from farmers markets were more likely to carry… Continue Reading

Farmers Market Vendors, Managers Get Up To Speed on Food Safety ABCs

No one wants customers to get sick. That was the message that University of Vermont Extension food safety specialist Londa Nwadike used to start off her recent webinar presentation about food safety tips for farmers market vendors and managers. With an eye toward the benefits of following good food safety protocol at markets, Nwadike was quick… Continue Reading

Fresh Produce at Farmers Markets Exempt from New Food Safety Regs

For farmers who sell fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers markets, food safety will be business as usual, despite the federal Food and Drug Administration’s new proposed rules governing produce. “Business as usual,” because most market farmers are exempt from the new rules, just as they’re exempt from the Food Safety Modernization Act, which was signed… Continue Reading

Harry’s Berries Products in CA Recalled for Botulism

The California Deaprtment of Public Health is warning consumers not to eat Harry’s Berries Salsa or Harry’s Berries Dilled Beans, produced by Gean Farms Inc. in Oxnard because they may be susceptible to contamination of Clostridium botulinum, a bacteria that causes botulism. Gean Farms is voluntarily recalling their products after state health officials discovered the… Continue Reading

Should Farmers Market Vendors Carry Product Liability Insurance?

Why should you care?

You’re there at your favorite farmers market. As always, you stop by one of  the farm stands where you regularly shop to buy some fresh veggies and fruit. The farmer greets you with a welcoming smile and asks how you liked the food you bought from him last week. Giving him a strong affirmative nod,… Continue Reading