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Eight EU countries report Hepatitis A cases with Moroccan link

Two distinct Hepatitis A virus strains are causing infections in travelers returning from Morocco, according to researchers. From January to June 2018, two outbreaks are ongoing affecting people coming back from Morocco and cases in Europe without travel history, resulting in 163 patients in eight European countries.  In the first cluster, 55 cases of Hepatitis… Continue Reading

E coli O55:H7 bacteria is making people sick again in the U.K.

No country wants to learn an E. coli serotype not previously associated much with human illness is making people sick — again. Especially when it wasn’t ever known to be a resident strain in the country until three years ago. The new reality in the United Kingdom is the O55:H7 serotype, which scientists say is… Continue Reading

French Visitors to Turkey Infected With E. Coli O104

A group of French tourists returned home from Turkey last fall with diarrheal illnesses, and two of them developed a life-threatening kidney disease linked to the foodborne pathogen E. coli. Now French health officials have completed an investigation into this illness cluster and say the two women were infected with a strain of E. coli… Continue Reading