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Rocky Mountain High: Marijuana Industry Push Back on More Rules

The powerful Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce “[has] not and will not” endorse the latest proposed changes to the state ‘s edible marijuna regulations that call for the placement of a “THC Stop Sign” on each pot-infused package and marijuana serving. A Cannabis Chamber spokesman told Food Safety News the marijuana industry group cannot go… Continue Reading

Trick-or-Treat Food Safety Tips for Halloween

Here are some simple steps, courtesy of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to help children and parents have a fun – and safe – Halloween: Children shouldn’t snack while they’re out trick-or-treating. Urge your children to wait until they get home and you have had a chance to inspect the contents of their “goody… Continue Reading

Washington State Subjects Pot to Microbiological Tests on Day One

After just one day of recreational marijuana sales in Washington state, and more than six months in Colorado, the questions that remain are mostly about those pot-infused food products. And, when it comes to food safety, Washington state is off to a safer start than Colorado. Only in those two states now can anyone age… Continue Reading

Bill to Protect Children From Harmful Edibles Turned into a Study

Children may be at immediate risk from marijuana-infused “edibles,” but a Colorado Senate committee has opted only to study the issue without any action this year. A House-passed bill sought immediate restrictions on packaging to better protect children from potent edibles that are being blamed for too many emergency-room visits. But the Senate put the… Continue Reading

Colorado’s New Political Recipe For Marijuana-Infused Food May Take Time

Suggestions are being made in Colorado for immediate drastic action over the sale of marijuana-infused food. However, it now seems that any changes in the regulation of so-called “edibles” will be slow and deliberate ones. Possible push-back by the state’s new cash-infused marijuana industry may be why two bills dealing with edibles that quickly passed… Continue Reading

Murder, Illnesses Prompt Second Look at Recreational Marijuana Law in Colorado

After months of keeping their hands off implementation of Colorado’s voter-approved initiative for recreational marijuana, the state’s political establishment may be having some second thoughts. Two bills filed late in the Colorado Legislature appear to be on a fast track to put the first real limits on recreational marijuana since voters passed Amendment 64 in… Continue Reading